How to choose a sofa for a family with kids

Written by Janice Wee

If you have children in your home, what sort of sofa should you choose?

With kids inrepparttar house, you probably need more seats. A 1 seated sofa is not as cost effective as a 3 seated sofa. You need 3 single seated sofa to seat 3 people as compared to just a 3-seater. The price of 3 single-seated sofa is significantly less thanrepparttar 150046 price of a 3 seated sofa. 

That means, for a large family, you would save substantially if you go forrepparttar 150047 3 seated sofas as compared to several 2 or 1 seated sofas.

One way to seerepparttar 150048 best value is to calculate cost per seat of that sofa. 

For a single seat,repparttar 150049 cost per seat is justrepparttar 150050 price.

For a 2-seated sofa,repparttar 150051 cost per seat would be price divided by 2

For a 3 seated sofa,repparttar 150052 cost per seat would be price divided by 3

and so on.

The best value would berepparttar 150053 sofa withrepparttar 150054 lowest cost per seat, everything else remainingrepparttar 150055 same.

Next, considerrepparttar 150056 dirt factor. I mean, kids, with their tendency to jump onrepparttar 150057 sofa, would dirtyrepparttar 150058 sofa very quickly. Not only that, they would eventually breakrepparttar 150059 springs inrepparttar 150060 sofa. You could trainrepparttar 150061 children not to walk, jump or play onrepparttar 150062 sofa. But it is wiser to get a sofa set that can withstandrepparttar 150063 stresses a kid would bring.

For one thing,repparttar 150064 sofa would get dirty very quickly. A darker color would be more practical. Leave a white sofa in a home with naughty kids and you'll end up with a gray, or eventually black sofa over time. Dirt shows up so obviously in a light colored sofa. On a dark colored sofa,repparttar 150065 deep color hidesrepparttar 150066 gray or black dirt stains. You don't have to clean it so often. It will still look good months later.

14 Tips for a Good Life

Written by Ronald Yip

14 Tips for a Good Life

Your life depends to a great extend on your life habits. Your daily life habits determinerepparttar quality of your life in terms of health and general well being. Good life habits ensure your body’s ability to combat sickness and stay younger than your real age and feel good and happy. The way we think and behave determines how good a life we will lead. Below are 14 tips to develop better life habits to help you enjoy your good life.

1. Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Ones Our lives andrepparttar 149884 circumstances we live in are largelyrepparttar 149885 result of our own thoughts and beliefs. The sum total of our thoughts, if they are positive, will result in a positive life for us. The reverse is just as true. If we think negatively most ofrepparttar 149886 time, we tend to attract negative circumstances into our life. If you think you can handle a situation, then you can.

2. Use Your Conscious Mind As A Gatekeeper And Do That All The Time To be precise, our subconscious mind cannot differentiaterepparttar 149887 good fromrepparttar 149888 bad because our subconscious mind largely represents our mind in its natural state – a mind that is pure and non-judgmental. Be more mindful, be more alert so that you’ll make less mistakes, think before you move and be happier.

3. Open Your Heart to Love Many people live a life without love and often this kind of life is miserable and meaningless. They cannot love themselves, so they also cannot love anyone else or they even think they don’t deserve love. The sad fact is that without love, no matter what else you have in life, it's not enough. We need to love ourselves unconditionally in order to live a good and full life.

4. Have Faith and Believe in Yourself Do not doubt yourself, do not fear and always believe in abundance. As long as we have doubt or fear, we will not be able to walk our path. Takerepparttar 149889 action and walkrepparttar 149890 path to success and enjoyrepparttar 149891 fruits you deserve.

5. Be Fully Responsible And Accountable for Your Life Quite often, when something goes wrong, we haverepparttar 149892 tendency to find someone or something to blame. This is very unhealthy in deed. I often heard others said “I thought …”. In future avoid say ‘I thought’, a mistake is a mistake, takerepparttar 149893 responsibility and learn from it. We reap what we sow.

6. Attitude of Gratitude and Altruistic Joy Adopt a positive attitude, in order to transform ourselves and live a good life. Remember, we bring nothing to this world when we come to life, sorepparttar 149894 world does not owe us anything. Be happy with what you have and not be unhappy about what you don’t have. Be thankful for whatever small thing or gift you receive. Altruistic joy is a concept borrowed fromrepparttar 149895 Buddhists. It is a habit of rejoicing inrepparttar 149896 happiness and success of others. People who haverepparttar 149897 habit of practicing altruistic joy focus their mind on happiness and success, thus attracting these two things into their own life. In contrast, if we were to have ill-will towards others, we will be attracting more corresponding negative situations into our own life.

7. Settingrepparttar 149898 Mood Forrepparttar 149899 Day The first hour of your day strongly determines how your entire day would turn out. If you start offrepparttar 149900 day grumpily or angrily, you’re likely to end up with a totally grumpy or angry day unless you are alert enough to catchrepparttar 149901 mood and actively choose to discard it. If you encounter some problem from work, drop it just outsiderepparttar 149902 door before you step into your house. Go to bed early and wake up early. Do not bring issues and problem with you to bed.

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