How to choose a good online MLM or network marketing program?

Written by Evelyn Lim

You've heard many horror stories about MLM /network marketing programs. But what you are really hearing about are stories relating to illegal programs or pyramid schemes. Basically, pyramid schemes have no real, viable and worthy product. Obviously, you do not want to participate in such schemes. You want to be associated with a high quality product that you will readily endorse.

Why participate in a MLM or network marketing company then? The lure of joining a MLM has great appeal: It allows you to work part-time, gives you an opportunity to build residual income and you become a small business owner. MLMs have created many millionaires. Those who are successful testify that it is a result of hard work, continuous prospecting, motivating and training others.

The concept of MLM is simple. Instead of paying huge advertising sales and marketing costs to promote their products, MLM companies convert their loyal customers into a huge sales force. They rely on word-of-mouth to dorepparttar marketing. The commission fromrepparttar 122457 savings on employing sales staff, advertisement and promotions is paid to you instead. It is a win-win situation for bothrepparttar 122458 company andrepparttar 122459 MLMer.

If you decide to join one, please note that many MLMs require an initial investment. Before making such an investment, here are 10 tips on how to choose a good MLM program to promote:

1. Choose a program that you like or have some interest in. The best way to know if this is a program you wish to promote is whether you are interested in purchasingrepparttar 122460 product for your own use. If so, chances will be that there will be others who will be interested inrepparttar 122461 same program.

2. Look for a program that is of high quality. For instance, choose one that is associated with a top expert or many experts inrepparttar 122462 particular industry.

..What's The Straight Scoop On MLM Leads Programs?...

Written by Michael Lemm

My friend Tony Rush has a great persepective on what goes in to being successful with leads. With success likely measured by whether you enroll someone... or your primary business.

First & foremost understand that "you" arerepparttar key variable in that success. Per Tony (thanks buddy)repparttar 122456 list of factors could include:

-- your method of contact -- your copywriting abilities -- your phone skills -- your company -- your product -- your pay plan --repparttar 122457 investment -- your confidence -- their confidence in you -- your ability to create relationships -- your follow-up -- and a million other things.

Bluntly....understand that quality leads are just one component. The rest....quite in your hands. DONíT FORGET THIS FACT!!

I've tried leads from most ofrepparttar 122458 current leads programs....for my money (literally) I've stuck with one company (I won't tell you who here because that would smack of self serving advertising.) Just seemed to haverepparttar 122459 best combination of leads, system, and training for me personally. The others were too expensive, performed poorly, or both. You're and others experience/opinion may differ of course. And therein liesrepparttar 122460 first personal decision you must make, which company do I choose?

Each leads company has pros & cons that will be specific to your own preferences. Kinda hard to extrapolate to "you". Has to be your own decision based on your criteria....obviously.

I do suggest....if you haven't listen in on any info calls each company offers that you can (if they have them). That should be a benchmark of any decision to join a leads company....and an ingrained habit of every Networker interested in utilizing a leads program.

A little tip for those looking into a leads program....invite a few folks you trust from your organization to listen with you (upline, sideline, downline leaders). Each of you will "hear" somethingrepparttar 122461 others don't. You can compare notes afterward and makerepparttar 122462 best decision for you as a group. Afterall you will haverepparttar 122463 best success as a group rather than an individual. So decide as a group. Buy in is easier then too. Which means sustained joint effort leading torepparttar 122464 organizational growth and momentum you're all looking for together. That'srepparttar 122465 best way to implement a leads program.....and exactly howrepparttar 122466 good ones are designed to work. Join together.

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