How to check and change your air filter

Written by Jakob Jelling

You car's air filter is very important since it maintains some parts of your car system clean and free of dirt. If your air filter doesn't work properly and dirt enters your car this might make it go through different problems, and therefore it is important that you checkrepparttar filter and change it when necessary. Your mechanic can do it for you although it is very easy and you could do it yourself as well.

It is recommended that you change your car's air filter once a year or every 15.000 miles if you live in an averagely dusty area. But, if you can check it once in a while and replace it as soon as it needs it this would be much better. Checking it is a very easy thing to do and replace it is not complicated once you learn how to do it.

If you wish to check your car's air filter yourself and in an easy way, you can do so by using a light from inside pointing outside and check how bright it looks through it. If you seerepparttar 102683 light clearly, then your air filter is still good, but if you can't see much ofrepparttar 102684 light then it indicatesrepparttar 102685 filter needs to be changed.

How To Buy Used Vehicles Debt Free

Written by John Cook

New cars are one ofrepparttar worst purchases that we can make due torepparttar 102682 rapid decrease in value, especially overrepparttar 102683 first three years. When we finance these vehicles, this turns a bad situation even worse. We have now added a couple thousand dollars in interest torepparttar 102684 cost of a depreciating item.

Used cars arerepparttar 102685 answer to avoiding this big hit in depreciation, but many people still financerepparttar 102686 used car. Let's take a look at how you can buy used vehicles even when you have very little to start with.

Let's assume you wanted to purchase a 2005 Accord for $20,990 and financed it for 6 years at 5.95%. The payment would be $341.85 per month for a total amount paid overrepparttar 102687 life ofrepparttar 102688 loan of $24,613.40. That includes $3,623.40 in interest paid.

Since you had decided that you could affordrepparttar 102689 $341.85 payment torepparttar 102690 finance company, we assume that you can afford to pay yourself $341.85 into a savings account.

We round off this savings and do not account for any interest and assume that you save $4,000 each year. We will also assume that you can drive your current jalopy for one more year while you save this money.

January 2006 you now have $4,000 saved and can afford to buy a 1992 Honda Accord.

January 2007 you can sellrepparttar 102691 1992 for $1,400, add another $4,000 to it and buy a 1995 Honda Accord.

January 2008 you can sellrepparttar 102692 1995 for $2,000, add another $4,000 to it and buy a 1997 Honda Accord.

January 2009 you can sellrepparttar 102693 1997 for $2,300, add another $4,000 to it and buy a 1999 Honda Accord.

January 2010 you can sellrepparttar 102694 1999 for $2,600, add another $4,000 to it and buy a 2000 Honda Accord.

In January 2011 you have reachedrepparttar 102695 value of used car purchases where sellingrepparttar 102696 2000 and adding $4,000 to it will not substantially upgrade your car, so you continue to save.

January 2012 you can sellrepparttar 102697 2000 for $2,400, add $8,000 (two years of savings) to it and buy a 2006 Honda Accord.

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