How to buy from hidden liquidation departments , become a "Jobber" Part 1

Written by Jason James

Finding great low cost product sources such as this, will add tremendous profit to your ebay auction bottom line This simple technique to gaining entrance to these sometimes hidden departments is a great way to make money on eBay.

There is a term called "jobber" inrepparttar retail distribution world, basically this is an individual or business that is accepted at retail distribution centers to purchase a truckload or more of discontinued goods.

Simple Steps to achieve this.

1. Contactrepparttar 149348 major retail distribution warehouses for any ofrepparttar 149349 large retailers and arrange to talk withrepparttar 149350 Return Merchandise person in charge of "Load Jobbers". These warehouses can be so immense that they can accommodate 60 or more "jobber’s" who pick up goods on a daily basis.

2. Explain that your business is selling liquidation. Be brief and confident, you don’t have to go to specifics. Their job is to moverepparttar 149351 old stock out ofrepparttar 149352 centers, you will help them accomplish this.

Here is a simple technique to get your foot inrepparttar 149353 door even ifrepparttar 149354 company states they are not looking for any additional

How to buy from the hidden liquidation departments, become a "Jobber" Part 2

Written by Jason James

Once you are accepted as a Jobber, be prepared for your first visit. Find out what isrepparttar minimum load, times for pickup, etcrepparttar 149347 loads are normally sold in a rack (a 4’ x4’ Platform with steel posts.

3. You will then set an appointment withrepparttar 149348 department manager. Here is a tip when you are a new, you can rent a truck from Ryder (24 ft preferably) anyone who can drive a car can use these, and it drives similar to a regular pickup. Do not show up with a pickup it may berepparttar 149349 last timerepparttar 149350 company works with you. The centers want these goods out to clear space and having multiple small pickup loads is not what they are after!

When you have selectedrepparttar 149351 rack formrepparttar 149352 warehouse you are responsible for loading into you truck. Upon leavingrepparttar 149353 facility a warehouse person will go overrepparttar 149354 checklist given to them to verify your items At this point I takerepparttar 149355 load to my mini storage (you can lease these for as low as $100 per month with room for 2 truckloads of merchandise I returnrepparttar 149356 truck and start sorting

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