How to build your MLM business by not talking

Written by Steve Lowell

Copyright 2005 Steve Lowell

In my last article entitled “How to succeed in MLM without really trying” we discussed limiting your recruiting efforts only to those people who have indicated a discontent or an unwanted condition in their life.

Oncerepparttar prospect indicates an unwanted condition, it will be your impulse to pounce all over your prospect and tell them about your great company, your great product and your great compensation plan. You will feel a very strong urge to overwhelm your prospect with all ofrepparttar 148794 reasons why your business opportunity isrepparttar 148795 best thing for them to help them solve their problem.

The minute you start “selling” your prospect, you run a VERY high risk of coming across as someone who has been poised and waiting forrepparttar 148796 opportunity to strike. You runrepparttar 148797 risk of losing your credibility and damaging your relationship with your prospect.

So,repparttar 148798 questions is…what DO you do?

The answer is nothing…let me repeat that…do nothing!

Don’t talk about your business, your product, your company, your opportunity. Don’t utter a single word about your business.

The best thing you can do at this point is to wait. Wait for 24 to 48 hours…THEN you can approach your prospect with a possible solution to their problem.

Why wait? Because waiting will demonstrate to your prospect that you have given some sincere consideration as to weather or not your opportunity is right for them. It shows that you have thought about them, and their unwanted condition. It shows that you are offering a solution to your prospect’s problem rather than just trying to build your own organization.

24 to 48 hours has passed since you met with your prospect and discovered their unwanted condition, or their “discontent”

Website Promotion Through Newsletters

Written by Paul Jesse

Copyright 2005 Paul Jesse

Website promotion is certainly a main focus of all business owners and their respective Web sites; however it is not something that happens overnight. This is because once you have a new Web site it takes a bit of time before search engines upload your URL and it becomes part of search results. Also, while your Web page might be returned inrepparttar results of free search engines, it will still not relate torepparttar 148734 amount of traffic you want. As a result, there is one particular way to increase traffic to your Web site that is inexpensive, and that is web site promotion through newsletters.

Many newsletter editors online are looking for new information from new business allrepparttar 148735 time. However, they generally do not want to pay forrepparttar 148736 article you write but rather prefer to trade a byline or a small advertisement for your business or web page. As a result, all you need to do is spend a few hours writing a newsletter that discusses a relevant topic and that also has a plug for your web page. This is a way for you to quickly getrepparttar 148737 word out about your web page as well as increase traffic and business while you are waiting forrepparttar 148738 search engines to get your information inrepparttar 148739 system and part ofrepparttar 148740 search results.

Finding newsletter editors online that need information submitted and will allow you to trade a newsletter for an advertisement plug is not difficult and all you need to do is search your favorite search engine. However, whatever newsletter editor you are writing for, you will want to make sure its subscribers are part of your niche or it might not prove very successful for you.

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