How to become a Career Coach for Profit

Written by Randy Wilson

An excellent career coach can help you tap out your unique skills, talents and aptitude to help you develop inrepparttar career of your choice. He helps you to modify or transition your existing skills to suitrepparttar 149572 workings of a new industry. He is like a mentor who identifiesrepparttar 149573 hurdles to your progress and gives you practical steps to overcome your obstacles and make a positive impression in your career and develop your personality.

A career coach could be simply defined your job seeking partner. A career coach could be a career management coach, who helps you in managing your career or a career marketing coach, who helps you build contacts, posts your resumes, tries to findrepparttar 149574 best jobs for you and helps you securerepparttar 149575 best jobs. He basically tries to market you effectively inrepparttar 149576 job market.

Start-up costs could be around $3000 with website hosting, a computer and other promotional materials included.

Financing sources:

  • Banks are forefront in providing start up loans
  • Business loans fromrepparttar 149577 government
  • Business organizations which will consider your initiative and possibly give you start up loans.
  • Loans from government sponsored self employment programs are helpful to start up as well as develop your skills as a career coach.
  • Loans from venture capitalists and angel investors are also effective. Both will help you financially but expect a higher rate of return. The angel investor is personally interested inrepparttar 149578 growth of your business.

    Pricing guidelines for service:
    In todayís competitive job market, you have to price your service effectively be it career marketing or career management. Career coaches bill byrepparttar 149579 hour. Charges range from $50 to $200 an hour with an average of $100-150.

    Advertising and Marketing Methods and Tips:

  • You can advertise in regional or national newspapers and even post ads in colleges and universities.
  • You could promote your 'career coaching' in social clubs, parties, get-togethers.
  • You could print and distribute your business cards.
  • You could write and distribute press releases locally or online which could include stories with ideas and advice which have worked for students and people in general with their career problems.

    Equipment needed:
    Typical home personal computer with database software, word processing software and access to research sites through internet.

    Income potential:
    Billing atrepparttar 149580 average of $100 per hour, working part-time you would earn from $8,000 and up. Full-time would be from $16,000 and up if you chargedrepparttar 149581 industry average of $100 per hour.

    Target market:
    There is a big market where there are a lot of people who are at a crossroads in their career. There are lot of teenagers and young people who make wrong career decisions without introspecting themselves and making a decision based on peer pressure andrepparttar 149582 'trends' inrepparttar 149583 job market. A person who changes his or her career goals for whatever reason and is now uncertain aboutrepparttar 149584 ways to achieve success in that field, would needrepparttar 149585 services of a career coach. There are a lot of people who need support and motivation at every stage of their career be it an interview or during a promotion. Job search is a billion dollar industry. Success tips:
    There are a lot of career coaches out there. To be different, upgrade your skills and focus onrepparttar 149586 entire personality development ofrepparttar 149587 student orrepparttar 149588 person seeking career coaching. Groom him or her in etiquette, presentation and communication skills as well. Even if you charge a little bit extra,repparttar 149589 person seeking your help will hugely benefit from your invaluable guidance.

  • Staying Focused While Building Your Internet Marketing Business

    Written by Robert Attieh

    Staying Focused While Building Your Internet Marketing Business Ė Put The Blinders On, You Are Going ToGet Bombarded

    By Robert Attieh Copyright © 2005 Robert Attieh

    Internet Marketing can take you for a wild ride, will it be a good ride?.

    Whether you are new at Internet Marketing or not you will have by now experiencedrepparttar bomb squad ofrepparttar 149537 internet, this isrepparttar 149538 attacks of every single internet marketer and every single online business opportunity targeting you as if you wererepparttar 149539 only one onrepparttar 149540 internet. They all want you, just like Uncle Sam says as their fingers point at you right throughrepparttar 149541 monitor poking you inrepparttar 149542 chest. You have somehow come torepparttar 149543 decision of getting involved in Internet Marketing, thinking that you are going to jump onrepparttar 149544 band wagon and make your fortune, running torepparttar 149545 bank with those big bags of money and retiring early. After filtering throughrepparttar 149546 bombs of attacks, youíve finally made a decision to get started in what you believe isrepparttar 149547 best product or service for you,repparttar 149548 best opportunity that is going to berepparttar 149549 one. Nowrepparttar 149550 name ofrepparttar 149551 game is to stay focused, youíve already done your homework, you believe you are inrepparttar 149552 right place atrepparttar 149553 right time. Now itís time to concentrate and stay focused.

    I was inspired to write this article after hearing a pattern of overwhelmation Ė yah, sure thatís a word, well it is now. One ofrepparttar 149554 difficult things about finally getting started is that I find that too many people once they finally get started in internet marketing get in torepparttar 149555 trap or should I say remain inrepparttar 149556 trap of looking and searching. Well, it is understandable, youíve filled out surveys for people looking for internet marketing opportunities, youíve put your name on every single site that came your way, youíve joined a gazillion amount of newsletters, you feel like you know every internet marketing guru there is by first name and some of them are your best friend, well hey, why not they write you every day and address you by your first name, surely you arerepparttar 149557 only one they are writing to and it is you who they are interested in right. They have all promised to make you rich. I have one piece of advice for you, let go of all of that and get out ofrepparttar 149558 searching mode and do your business!!! You have made a decision, now stick with it, donít keep looking for something thatís better. Youíve got to get started sometime, well why not NOW! After all it is you that has maderepparttar 149559 decision to get started. You need to stay focused and putrepparttar 149560 blinders on if you want to succeed. Better stated for most, you have got to learn how to focus in order to stay focused. I am not kidding here, many people cannot focus, they have been hit one too many times by those internet bombs. Well enough ofrepparttar 149561 badgering at you and let me attempt to offer some sound advice that will hopefully put you onrepparttar 149562 right track that will lead you to success.

    These are some things that I have done that has helped me to stay focus and block those internet bombs from slowing me down:

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