How to be a man or women of integrity?

Written by Carl Cholette

There are times inrepparttar life of every man who takes his stand on high moral principles when his faith in, and knowledge of, those principles is tested torepparttar 150993 uttermost, andrepparttar 150994 way in which he comes out ofrepparttar 150995 fiery trial decides as to whether he has sufficient strength to live as a man of Truth, and joinrepparttar 150996 company ofrepparttar 150997 free, or shall still remain a slave and a hireling torepparttar 150998 cruel taskmaster, Self.

Such times of trial generally assumerepparttar 150999 form of a temptation to do a wrong thing and continue in comfort and prosperity, or to stand by what is right and accept poverty and failure; and so powerful isrepparttar 151000 trial that, torepparttar 151001 tempted one, it plainly appears onrepparttar 151002 face of things as though, if he chooses repparttar 151003 wrong, his material success will be assured forrepparttar 151004 remainder of his life, but if he does what is right, he will be ruined for ever. Frequentlyrepparttar 151005 man at once quails and gives way before this appalling prospect whichrepparttar 151006 Path of Righteousness seems to hold out for him, but should he prove sufficiently strong to withstand this onslaught of temptation, thenrepparttar 151007 inward seducerrepparttar 151008 spirit of self, assumesrepparttar 151009 grab of an Angel of Light, and whispers, "Think of your wife and children; think of those who are dependent upon you; will you bring them down to disgrace and starvation?"

Strong indeed and pure must berepparttar 151010 man who can come triumphant out of such a trial, but he who does so, enters at once a higher realm of life, where his spiritual eyes are opened to see beautiful things; and then poverty and ruin which seemed inevitable do not come, but a more abiding success comes, and a peaceful heart and a quiet conscience. But he who fails does not obtainrepparttar 151011 promised prosperity, and his heart is restless and his conscience troubled.

The right-doer cannot ultimately fail,repparttar 151012 wrong-doer cannot ultimately succeed, for "Such isrepparttar 151013 Law which moves to Righteousness Which none at last can turn aside or stay," and it is because justice is atrepparttar 151014 heart of things- because repparttar 151015 Great Law is good- thatrepparttar 151016 man of integrity is superior to fear, and failure, and poverty, and shame, and disgrace.As repparttar 151017 poet further says of this Law:

"The heart of its Love,repparttar 151018 end of it Is peace and cosummation sweet-obey."

Mind Power for the Entrepreneur

Written by Maya Jakes

Copyright 2005 Jugglingmum

Such a magnificent and powerful thing asrepparttar human mind should guarantee happiness, contentment and success yet all around us we find people that do not applyrepparttar 150963 wisdom of their mind.

To convert wisdom into mind power requires reorganisation ofrepparttar 150964 thinking process and can almost guarantee success to those prepared to put in some effort. Your efforts will richly reward you!

You can learn fresh new ways to apply your mind power to gain more happiness, love, peace, and contentment - an abundance of all that you wish for.

Are you willing to empty your mind of all that is old and open it to all that is new?

Many people inrepparttar 150965 Eastern world are able to achieve incredible feats usingrepparttar 150966 power of their minds.

Techniques are used such as trainingrepparttar 150967 subconscious through meditation and visualisation. We, inrepparttar 150968 Western world, are only now starting to catch up with these ideas of mind power.

The conscious mind is constantly in use in our daily activities and when it becomes overstretched we become tired and unable to recall, store or learn more information. If you are suffering from this kind of problem then your life is simply not under your control and therefore you are unable to enjoy life as you would like.

Atrepparttar 150969 centre ofrepparttar 150970 conscious mind isrepparttar 150971 ego andrepparttar 150972 ego accepts anything and everything without thinking or questioning. As many of you are already aware,repparttar 150973 ego needs boosting as often as possible.

Letís look at an example:-

1. Mr Smith earns a salary of 25,000USD and invites a lady friend to dinner in a smart restaurant. He doesn't bother to book a table as he's visitedrepparttar 150974 restaurant many times before and knows that it's not usually busy on a Wednesday evening. He dresses smart but casual and is driving his 5 year old car.

2. Mr Brown also earns a salary of 25,000USD and has invited a lady friend torepparttar 150975 same restaurant atrepparttar 150976 same time onrepparttar 150977 same day. However, Mr Brown is wearing a dinner suit and has hired a top ofrepparttar 150978 range car especially forrepparttar 150979 occasion.

Imagine that both Mr Smith and Mr Brown arrive atrepparttar 150980 restaurant atrepparttar 150981 same time only to find it much busier than usual. There is one table close torepparttar 150982 kitchen entrance and one in a cosy alcove overlookingrepparttar 150983 sea. Who do you think will getrepparttar 150984 best table?

Not only was Mr Brown's ego boosted by how he was dressed and arrived butrepparttar 150985 restaurant staff had their egos boosted by his appearance and apparent good taste.

This is mind power working at its best - simply be who you wish to be or act as you wish to act. Your mind doesn't differentiate betweenrepparttar 150986 fact that you hired a dinner suit and a car, it only knows how good you feel wearingrepparttar 150987 dinner suit and driving that top ofrepparttar 150988 range car!

Dress like a king (or queen) and act like a king and you'll feel like a king and even be treat like a king - it's simple.

The unconscious mind is where allrepparttar 150989 reasons for your fears and hang ups are stored. Are your fears related to childhood experiences or even recent experiences? Are you encouraged and complimented often or chastised and told that you must do better?

Write down your fears and analyse where they came from. By taking this simple step you will be getting to know yourself better and will be better able to confront those fears. When a child falls from a bicycle they are often told to get back on as soon as possible and you must confront your own fears inrepparttar 150990 same way.

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