How to be Congruent and Experience Balance Every Day.

Written by Adam Eason

“If you can tellrepparttar world who you are and what you believe without breaking stride or hesitating, you are happy with yourself.” - Neale Donald Walsche

I attended a large networking meeting last week with lots of varying types of businesses and people and one ofrepparttar 149276 speakers was talking about and explaining how online networking had helped him go from redundancy to having his own lucrative business that he really enjoyed running in a relatively short period of time. While he wasn’trepparttar 149277 greatest public speaker that I have encountered, there was something about him that made me want to give him business and that made me like him: he was congruent. He had balance.

What do I mean by Congruent? Or balance? I mean that this is a description of how you are when what you do, say, and deeply believe are all aligned. Congruence and balance is a sort of ‘deep honesty’ about who we are as individuals, and it is attractive and it is appealing. People are powerfully attracted to congruent individuals. People who have balance.

Congruence is not only something that is about how others perceive you. It is also important in how you perceive yourself. If you want to make a powerful change in your life and you really want a particular thing but keep on doing something else, then incongruence will exist in your own perception of yourself too. This can cause loss of balance.

So how do you go about becoming congruent? Or having more balance?

Ok, firstly, figure out your values, then honour them; values are what is important to you. Examples of your values include helping others, having security, enjoying freedom, continuous learning, experiencing love, having a family, etc. You may know some of these right away, areas where you already have balance may start to pop up, while others may take some digging. One way you can find out what you value is to identify something you really want, then ask yourself this question;

“What will that give me that I wouldn’t otherwise have?”

When you have subsequently answered that question to yourself, ask it again.

Ask yourself; What do I want? An example response might be : To reduce my weight.

Then you ask: What will that give me that I wouldn’t otherwise have?” The answer might be: A body I can feel comfortable showing off.

Then ask again: What will that give me that I wouldn’t otherwise have? The answer may well be: Freedom.

To getrepparttar 149278 most from this exercise, you need to takerepparttar 149279 question as far as you can until you getrepparttar 149280 simplest answer andrepparttar 149281 question can be asked no more. When you go as far as you can, you end up with a core value: what it is that’s really important to you. In this example it was freedom. Knowing this can begin to install balance.

Secondly here, pay attention to your body. That also needs balance.

Your body and your neurology have been developed over thousands of years to provide you with very accurate and real feedback about congruence and balance. If you are at a dinner party and you are smiling and chatting nicely and being charming but allrepparttar 149282 time you are thinking "I cannot stand these people" that uncomfortable feeling in your body and thought in your mind is an incongruent signal – a lack of balance - a sign that you’re ‘out of tune’. When you have a deep sense of peace and joy, genuine balance, really truly enjoyingrepparttar 149283 company of those people, then that is a sign that you are aligned and are subsequently going inrepparttar 149284 right direction. One way to achieve greater congruence is just eliminate all activities that lead to incongruence. Maintain balance.

Change your dating pattern and catch your dream woman by doing something unexpected

Written by William Berg

Change your dating pattern and catch your dream woman by doing something unexpected.

Allthough meating a woman may not solve all your problems. Finding someone to share your life with can berepparttar best thing that ever happened to you. You can increaserepparttar 149254 chance of that happening by taking a look atrepparttar 149255 way you date.

Lets face it, most dates are justrepparttar 149256 same old dates that everybody ells take their dates to. Take a good look at you own dating habits. Do you usually do anything out ofrepparttar 149257 ordinary forrepparttar 149258 girl when you planning your dates. The answer is most likely NO.

You might not take your date torepparttar 149259 classical dinner and a movie but rather something more fun like a day in an amusement park but let’s face it. You are hardlyrepparttar 149260 only guy that does that and odds are that your date wont berepparttar 149261 first of its kind for your special lady

Not thatrepparttar 149262 classic dates doesn’t have their charm, and I know that many women loves a fine dinner in a nice restaurant. But it still isn’t something that really makes you stand out fromrepparttar 149263 rest, nothing that she will remember for years to come whether you end up together or not. To really make an impression you have to make it seem like your something else then allrepparttar 149264 losers she dated inrepparttar 149265 past, even though odds say that you most likely arerepparttar 149266 same. You’re a man aren’t you?

So how do you make a date worth remembering? Well there are a lot of good and bad ways. You could flash her and she would most likely remember you for a long time, but I guarantee you she wouldn’t remember you fondly after that and if she moves inrepparttar 149267 same circles as you, you can be sure that she will ruin your chances with o lot of other women in those circles too. Onrepparttar 149268 other hand a good surprising experience could very well improve your chances with other women in her circles even if you don’t getrepparttar 149269 girl in question.

I would recommend that you try to add some adventure into your dates. There are a lot of small adventures available that doesn’t have to cost more then a dinner at a nice restaurant. There arerepparttar 149270 more extreme adventures like going sky diving that defiantly has a nice surprise and out ofrepparttar 149271 ordinary quality to it. Unfortunately enough thats might be a little to much for your date to handle if she for example has a fear of heights. A better alternative can be scuba diving. By taking her scuba diving on your date you take her into a completely new and exotic beautiful realm. Not to mention that a boat ride always can be a nice touch on any date andrepparttar 149272 fact that you have to help her put on and off her scuba gear. A little harmless physical contact!

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