How to avoid Mystery Shopping Drawbacks and Scams

Written by Joseph Then

Mystery shopping is a fun filled job but there is a negative side to it too. There are many drawbacks of mystery shopping. They are as follows:

●The biggest drawback is that people can charge you for providing any service related to finding a job as mystery shopper. These service providers can cheat you by offering jobs on contract basis for months or years and charge you heavily for that. There is no guaranty that on payingrepparttar fees you would get a job for longer period. The employer is supposed to pay forrepparttar 142580 amount for work. If an employee is paying to get a job, it means something is wrong some where. Mystery shoppers are taken for a ride.

●Luring mystery shoppers by promising them to give free TV and other such objects of luxury is also one ofrepparttar 142581 traps, which enthusiastic aspirants fall prey to.

●Some companies can ask for personal details like credit card number or even bank account number.

●Others may even ask you to part with some bucks to pay forrepparttar 142582 secret list.

●While some others may claim to provide mystery shopping certificate to get you a job which is never true.

●Some mystery shopping resources on Internet provide fake phone numbers and out of order websites.

●None ofrepparttar 142583 companies provide serious help in finding a job.

●There is no scope for refund of money spent on these fake mystery shopping companies.

●Some of these fake companies provide poor web pages that can hardly be read.

●Mystery shoppers often use hidden cameras, which is sometimes risky. It can create havoc ifrepparttar 142584 mystery shopper is not an honest person. The mystery shopper can misuse it to invade employee privacy and later blackmail them.

●The reports provided byrepparttar 142585 mystery shoppers are not always accurate. They are sometimes their own personal opinions or suggestions to improverepparttar 142586 prevailing conditions of a store.

Dos And Don'ts Of Mystery Shopping

Written by Joseph Then

In order to be a good mystery shopper you need to do certain things while atrepparttar same time avoid others. Following is a checklist of dos and doníts of mystery shopping:

Things to do

✔Read and do you research well. Learnrepparttar 142579 facts and figures of mystery shopping business. ✔Inquire aboutrepparttar 142580 returns that you would be getting,repparttar 142581 date of shop and whether or not there would be any out of pocket expenses. ✔Get registered with a mystery shopping company of good repute that trains shoppers and is popular among other shoppers and clients. ✔Always give prior notice torepparttar 142582 mystery shopping company in case of crisis so thatrepparttar 142583 company can find a suitable replacement. Crisis here means a situation when you are unable to completerepparttar 142584 shop due to some reason. ✔Checkrepparttar 142585 instructions that would be provided to you byrepparttar 142586 shopping company. Understand them well and then follow them to perform exactlyrepparttar 142587 wayrepparttar 142588 company wants you to. ✔While fillingrepparttar 142589 report be precise in your answers. Answerrepparttar 142590 question torepparttar 142591 point. Read it well, to discard allrepparttar 142592 mistakes, before submitting. ✔Give your opinion only when you are asked to, otherwise just reportrepparttar 142593 real happenings and facts. ✔Always visitrepparttar 142594 store, inrepparttar 142595 rush hour, for your scrutiny. Whenrepparttar 142596 store is not filled with customers it is likely thatrepparttar 142597 salesmen would have enough time to present themselves perfectly and would be polite. They would reveal their true self only when they have too many customers to attend to. It would be better to carry outrepparttar 142598 survey during both these hours for best results. ✔Prepare yourself well according torepparttar 142599 different types of customers that visit stores in urban and rural areas. You must knowrepparttar 142600 likes and dislikes of people living in small towns and in big cities, because then accordingly you can put your questions torepparttar 142601 salesmen. The judgment would then be appropriate. ✔A true mystery shopper should not bring his mood and personality torepparttar 142602 store atrepparttar 142603 time of scrutiny otherwiserepparttar 142604 findings will get distorted. You should also keep in mind your age while choosing a shop. For example, if you are very old you should never go torepparttar 142605 store to buy stuffs like surfboard. ✔As you would just be pretending to be a shopper you might not knowrepparttar 142606 real needs of a customer. It is advisable to compare your findings withrepparttar 142607 feed back fromrepparttar 142608 real customer. ✔Record allrepparttar 142609 necessary facts like whether there was enough stock of goods andrepparttar 142610 price ofrepparttar 142611 product. Don't waste time in scrutinizing things like cleanliness and ambiance etc., unless asked.

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