How to attract users, you never thought of !

Written by Klaus J. Peter

What isrepparttar most unlikely visitor on your site? Users (potential customers as anyone) with impaired vision.

But how true is this statement today? Well - to sayrepparttar 119078 least - it is about to change. Whilerepparttar 119079 hearing impaired utilizedrepparttar 119080 web right from start and made it to their tool of choice.

For a user, whose vision is impaired - or is even completely blind,repparttar 119081 odds not very long ago were very dim, to take part inrepparttar 119082 biggest improvement sincerepparttar 119083 invention of TV -repparttar 119084 World Wide Web.

Test to Speech Engines, Voice Recognition and Multimedia - all these tools have improvedrepparttar 119085 situation dramatically - and they far from being inrepparttar 119086 experimental state.

Every once in while you have these encounters, where a customer tells you about his blind family member and how neglected they feel in respect to so many things.

And sometimes - they ask you, what they can do to address this group on their site.

When I started to take on this issue, I was first a little helpless, for this was a whole new area of expertise in Marketing and Web development. But soon it became clear thatrepparttar 119087 tools andrepparttar 119088 means to implement something, allowing visitors with impaired vision to take advantage of a site.

The first step were voiceovers - presented as real media. A real bummer. But -repparttar 119089 production costs, considerations like bandwidth make them a tool, which cannot be applied allrepparttar 119090 time.

And then I re-discoveredrepparttar 119091 Agents. Remember those little animated guys, Microsoft® introduced with Office 97? These guys -repparttar 119092 Microsoft® Agents - cannot only communicate with Balloons and interact withrepparttar 119093 user - no. They can speak!

Utilizing a text to speech engine,repparttar 119094 MS® Agent Technology, and an Agent of your choice, you can make this cartoon character speak, whatever text you provide. And it is fast and what is more - they can even listen to voice commands and interact - which I will talk of in one of my next articles.

On all new Microsoft OS® Versionsrepparttar 119095 Agent technology is included anyway, and if not installed,repparttar 119096 download of it,repparttar 119097 DevKit and most ofrepparttar 119098 Agents is free.

WebWhacked? Three Ways to Avoid Being Overwhelmed by the Internet

Written by David Johnson

There’s no reason to feel intimidated byrepparttar Web. There is so much hype surrounding this new medium that it’s easy to believe that you’re falling behind. It’s just not true… yet.

The truth is: · You’re not that far behind · You’ve already got what it takes · You can’t do any worse than you’re doing right now.

Here are three ways you can avoid getting paralyzed into inactivity byrepparttar 119077 hype:

1. The Web is not all Interactive and E-Commerce Web Sites

There are lots of sites — some people call it brochure-ware – that give a company a Web presence for very little money. These sites are easy and inexpensive to put up and can attract lots of business for your company.

The truth is: only 20% of all Web sites currently offer real-time transactions. And that number’s only slated to reach 33% byrepparttar 119078 end of 2000. You keep hearing about e-commerce only becauserepparttar 119079 media keeps focusing on and hyping e-commerce sites.

So don’t let “e-commerce” throw you. If you find out you need e-commerce technology — because you plan to sell in real-time on your site —there are a number of Web hosts out there that, for a fee, will allow you to perform real-time transactions (providing you qualify with a bank for a merchant account). Bigstep (, Yahoo store (, GoBizGo (formerly Sitematic) ( are just three of them.

You’ve probably also heard a lot aboutrepparttar 119080 interactivity ofrepparttar 119081 Web. There are two things you should know. First, it’s all true. The Web holdsrepparttar 119082 promise of beingrepparttar 119083 first truly interactive mass medium. Secondly, nobody butrepparttar 119084 very well funded Amazon-sized Web sites are even beginning to scratchrepparttar 119085 surface of interactive technologies. Most ofrepparttar 119086 technology behindrepparttar 119087 interactive Web sites to-date has been around for years — databases, chat, forums, e-mail.

There are millions of Web sites out there. Very few offerrepparttar 119088 cutting edge e-commerce and interactive tools thatrepparttar 119089 press loves to write about. Don’t let these stories scare you — there’s still plenty of room for you onrepparttar 119090 Web at whatever price point you want to pay.

2. What You Already Know About Business Applies torepparttar 119091 Web

It seems like everything aboutrepparttar 119092 Web is new, but it’s not. Sure there are some fine points of technology to be learned, but business is still business. What you know about promoting your products or services offline applies to promoting your products and services online. The same copy will find its way torepparttar 119093 Web,repparttar 119094 same target marketing,repparttar 119095 same accounting skills, andrepparttar 119096 same product fulfillment practices.

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