How to Write to Mars and Venus!

Written by Jaruda Boonsuwan

There's Yin, and there's Yang. There's a man, and there's a woman.

You can't live without one or another. And let's face it. We're notrepparttar same!

So when you're writing your ads or sales letters, you should keep in mind that, "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus". I know....I know! Although men don't enjoy that book as much as women do,repparttar 108173 nature of gender differences is unarguable. We were not bornrepparttar 108174 same....that's all.

There's always a psychological barricade based on our gender differences. You can't write to men, thinking they're from Venus. Likewise, you can't write to women, thinking they're from Mars. You can't let them collide!

Always remind yourself what it is that keeps them glued to your page! Then make a list....

** For men,repparttar 108175 top things on their minds are sports, cars, high-tech toys, computer games, politics and finance.

** As for women,repparttar 108176 top things on their minds are fashion, beauty, diet, celebrities, horoscope and jewelry.

Now, what you can do is do a little research. Go buy a few magazines that are not in your area of expertise. Or if you like, you can just ask your boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives or even your kids aboutrepparttar 108177 latest trends. I guarantee you'll get a lot of eye-opening, cutting-edge ideas.

Noticerepparttar 108178 words, adjectives or technical terms they use. Don't forget to rememberrepparttar 108179 names of important persons in that particular field. Get a glimpse of what's HOT and who's COOL! This way when you write, your prospects will feel that you're NO ALIEN. They'll feel that you're part ofrepparttar 108180 GANG!

Suppose you're targeting male prospects, mention something eye-catching like:

Nascar, Formula One, Ferrari, DowJones, Nasdaq, Bill Gates, Tiger Woods, Michael Schumacher, Sammy Sosa, Michael Jordan, .....

How to Write a Business Memo

Written by Linda Elizabeth Alexander

How to Write a Business Memo 2002 By Linda Elizabeth Alexander

A business memo helps members of an organization communicate withoutrepparttar need for time-consuming meetings. It is an efficient and effective way to convey information within an organization.

Use memos rather than letters when you are communicating within your organization, including members of your department, upper management, employees at another company location, etc.

Memos solve problems either by introducing new information torepparttar 108172 reader like policy changes or new products being introduced, or by persuadingrepparttar 108173 reader to take an action, such as attend a meeting, rinserepparttar 108174 coffeepot when empty, or change a current work procedure.

The writing style of a business memo is somewhat formal but it doesn't have to sound intimidating. Your aim in writing a memo isrepparttar 108175 same as with other correspondence: You want to effectively communicate your purpose to your reader.

Memos are most effective when they connectrepparttar 108176 purpose of repparttar 108177 writer withrepparttar 108178 interests and needs ofrepparttar 108179 reader. When planning your memo, be sure to think about it from your reader's perspective: Pretend you arerepparttar 108180 recipient and ask yourself:

1. How is this relevant to me? 2. What, specifically, do you want me to do? 3. What's in it for me?

Heading Segment Beginrepparttar 108181 memo with a heading segment, following this format: (centered and bold heading) MEMORANDUM TO: (readers' names and job titles) FROM: (your name and job title) DATE: SUBJECT: (specifically whatrepparttar 108182 memo is about)

Make sure you addressrepparttar 108183 reader by her or his correct name and job title. Courtesy titles are not necessary but make sure you spell everyone's names properly and don't use informal nicknames.

Use a job title after your name, and hand write your initials by your name. This confirms that you take responsibility forrepparttar 108184 contents ofrepparttar 108185 memo.

Be specific and concise in your subject line. For example, "computers" could mean anything from a new purchase of computers to a mandatory software class for employees. Instead use something like, "Turning Computers off at Night." This also makes filing and retrievingrepparttar 108186 memo easy.

Opening Segment

Begin your memo by statingrepparttar 108187 problem--that is, what led torepparttar 108188 need forrepparttar 108189 memo. Perhaps a shipment has not arrived, a scheduled meeting has been canceled, or a new employee is starting tomorrow.

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