How to Write an Effective Article

Written by Jason Rickard

How to Write an Effective Article

Writing a great deal of articles myself, I see a lot ofrepparttar other articles that are submitted. Althoughrepparttar 146738 majority are spot on, many are not nearly as effective as they could be. Hopefully I can impart some insight onrepparttar 146739 Doís and Doníts of writing an effective article.

Choosing a Subject

This is where most people go wrong. When choosing an article they tend to go with a popular subject in order to getrepparttar 146740 largest audience. The most important thing you can do is to write on what you know and are passionate about. I have read countless articles that although they are technically good, they lackrepparttar 146741 punch that gets them a wide distribution. Passion is something you canít fake and there is nothing more enticing than an article brimming over with it. One ofrepparttar 146742 ways you can judgerepparttar 146743 level of passion you have for a subject is repparttar 146744 amount you can write. If you find you have to stop yourself or you could go on forever that may be a passion.

Use Proper Spelling and Grammar

This seems obvious but there are countless examples of articles being submitted whererepparttar 146745 author did not even run a simple spell-check. It is unfortunate when what would be an excellent article is ruined by countless spelling mistakes. Remember thatrepparttar 146746 goal is to have webmasters pick up your content to use on your own site. They will shy away from poorly written articles as they know they will be judged on their content, whether they wrote it or not.

Free Internet Marketing? Part II

Written by Dave Ryan

Inrepparttar last article we went over using some free viral marketing sources such as Traffic Swarm and FreeViral to get 1000's of hits a day of targeted traffic. In this article I will discuss some other sources of viral marketing and also provide some powerful proven methods for seeding your down line.

A lot of people afterrepparttar 146708 last article contacted me asking if there was any other of these free programs online and how to go about seeding their down lines fast enough to make them effective. It became clear to me that a lot of people just aren't to sure about how to even go about driving a strong marketing campaign for free, so pay attention torepparttar 146709 details of seeding your down line here as they arerepparttar 146710 most effective method of generating large amounts of targeted traffic.

First off some ofrepparttar 146711 other free resources of traffic onrepparttar 146712 internet are Free Hits Forever and Crazy Traffic. Free Hits Forever is a incredibly strong program that not only allows you to get free viral traffic but it also allows you to earn a little extra cash while doing so. Also I find that their banner that you can use on your site gets more clicks than any other banner/ad Iv ever used (for internet marketers anyway). Crazy Traffic while not as good asrepparttar 146713 other 3 programs still works good. It may not give yourepparttar 146714 ad placement likerepparttar 146715 other ones that anyone will see but it will require that allrepparttar 146716 people in your down line visit your site. This may not seem like a lot until after your seeded and then BAM you get hit with a ton of traffic.

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