How to Write an Article

Written by Luther Powell

How To Write An Article By Luther Powell

The first step in writing an article is finding a topic or subject, something to write about. This might seem to be a huge task, but it does not need to be. There are many different avenues to finding a topic. The ability to use them will help you overcome your fear and enable you to start developing ideas for writingrepparttar article.

One avenue to finding a topic is to brainstorm. I used this method when I taught Sophomore creative writing classes in high school. It requires you to think of as many topics as possible, concentrating on compiling a list of ideas as quickly as posssible. Write these ideas down as you think of them. You can judgerepparttar 124334 (quality) of them later.

Now that you have a list of topics, you will want to go over them and chooserepparttar 124335 one you want to write about. Once you have chosenrepparttar 124336 topic, your next step is to outline. This gives you an opportunity to record, organize, and evaluate your topic beforerepparttar 124337 actual writing. For example, you may start by choosingrepparttar 124338 general subject "ezines." As you outline your article, you will need to find a part ofrepparttar 124339 general subject to write about. For example, from "ezines," you might choose one ofrepparttar 124340 following:

What is an ezine? How to publish an ezine Ezine Ads Ezine subscribers

Once you have chosen a specific topic on which to write, you should decide onrepparttar 124341 reason or purpose for writing. A purpose for writing an article usually falls into one of four groups: to describe something, to tell a story about something, to explain something, or to persuade your readers to do something. For example, let us say you chose to write about ezine subscribers. You purpose for writingrepparttar 124342 article may one ofrepparttar 124343 following:

How to obtain subscribers for your ezine. How to keep subscribers once you have them.

With your purpose in mind, you should write a sentence that states your main idea. When you are ready to start writing your article, you may use this sentence asrepparttar 124344 topic sentence In addition,repparttar 124345 sentence will help you to organize your thoughts and ideas In writing about ezine subscribers, you might write one ofrepparttar 124346 following topic sentences.

The subscribers arerepparttar 124347 life blood of an ezine. An exine and its subscriber base are two parts of a single whole.

You must also consider your reader. Duringrepparttar 124348 outlining stage, you should keep in mind who your readers are and what are their interests. Why would they be interested in your article? Not everyone is interested in ezines and subscribers. You must target you article to those who are interested. Who are they? Ezine publishers, those who are considering publishing an ezine, and those who have considered publishing, but have droppedrepparttar 124349 idea and need a little encouragement.

How to: Get more ezine subscribers

Written by Terry Telford

You have a website which offers a free ezine. Your visitors are interested inrepparttar products and services that you offer. So why doesn't everyone sign up to receive your free information?

So far, internet professionals have been able to narrowrepparttar 124333 reasons to fear ofrepparttar 124334 unknown, extra work, no time, lack of trust, and 'pain-in-the-butt' factor. What does each of these mean and what can you do to ensure that you are getting as many sign ups as possible?

Fear ofrepparttar 124335 unknown. When a visitor fills out a form and clicks onrepparttar 124336 submit button he/she has no idea where they will end up. Some forms redirect them to another website, some to a thank you page that leavesrepparttar 124337 visitor hopelessly lost and others to an ERROR page. So why do some visitors hesitate to fill out forms? Fear ofrepparttar 124338 unknown.

Extra work. As a website marketer, I would like to know each of my customer's first name, last name, email address, telephone number, fax number, postal address, likes and dislikes and lots of other information. This way I can market to them more effectively. If I were to ask potential subscribers to my newsletter for all ofrepparttar 124339 information that I would like, do you think they would takerepparttar 124340 time to fill out a 50 part sign up form? Not likely. It involves too much extra work.

No time. No one has time to waste these days. We don't have time to sleep, don't have enough time forrepparttar 124341 kids, don't have time forrepparttar 124342 spouse and certainly don't have time to fill out a form to receive a newsletter that we don't have time to read inrepparttar 124343 first place.

So our challenge as internet marketers is to persuade our potential subscribers that this is 'must have' information that is easy to get, and doesn't take a lot of time to read.

Lack of trust. The internet is a faceless, almost anonymous way of doing business. You have to build a trust level with your visitor inrepparttar 124344 shortest time possible. If your website has minimal information about you, your location, or your company and doesn't look 100% professional, it is hard to build up a trust level with your visitor. They are not sure what you will do withrepparttar 124345 information that they give you. You have to overcome their lack of trust.

Pain inrepparttar 124346 butt factor. And after all that, there's stillrepparttar 124347 pain inrepparttar 124348 butt factor. It is just more convenient for a visitor to sit on their butt and surf, not having to fill out a form, think, or use their head for anything else except relaxing. If they have to put some work into it, well it's just a pain inrepparttar 124349 butt.

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