How to Write a Newsletter without Being a Writer

Written by Eileen "Turtle" Parzek

One ofrepparttar best ways to stay in touch with current and past clients, colleagues and fans, is to publish a regular newsletter. Whether you use a HTML template tool like Constant Contact, simply create a good looking text email to send out to your contacts, or publish something fancy with PDF, it can draw new business simply by making sure that no one forgets what your business does and can do for them. For every company that benefits from this form of marketing, many more feel they are not good enough writers, do not haverepparttar 124238 time, or are not comfortable enough withrepparttar 124239 computer to makerepparttar 124240 effort.

There are many ways a small business can develop a newsletter, whenrepparttar 124241 full do-it-yourself route is not an option. First, keep in mind that it is acceptable that 20-30% ofrepparttar 124242 newsletter is promotion and good news aboutrepparttar 124243 business, assumingrepparttar 124244 audience is primarily made of clients and prospective clients. To come up withrepparttar 124245 rest ofrepparttar 124246 content, try these techniques:

1)People who know how to write well, but canít think of subject matter can visit one ofrepparttar 124247 many article databases onrepparttar 124248 web, and browse for ideas. The idea is to use it for inspiration, and as a brainstorming tool for topics. Once an idea is established, start writing forrepparttar 124249 audience and put a unique spin on it.

Some of these databases include:

2)Anyone who doesnít like to write can reprint any ofrepparttar 124250 articles in these databases. In other words, he might decide to do a feature article on, say, logo design, to provide some substance along with business news and other thoughts. This is perfectly acceptable. Just make surerepparttar 124251 authorís credits and bio are always included.

3)For those who know their subjects, and are willing to write but arenít confident in their ability, there isrepparttar 124252 option of arranging to have an editor. Many freelance writers would be pleased to have a steady monthly or bi-monthly arrangement, on retainer, to work on editing newsletter items. It is also possible to find someone who is willing to barter this service for products or services on a regular basis. You can also hire someone to handlerepparttar 124253 design and technical implementation ofrepparttar 124254 content and manage your mailing list.Be creative and consider getting help if having a newsletter would bring marketing and communication benefits torepparttar 124255 company.

The Best Dating&Love Relationship Newsletter

Written by Nicolas Martin

The Best Dating & Love Relationship Newsletter

Vol. 1 Iss. 1 Date August 2003 Distributed by SAYLAVIE.COM

*********************************************************** Contents

■ FROM THE EDITOR: Welcome all new READERS!!

■"Does Online Dating Really Work?"

■"5 tips on how to attractrepparttar opposite sex in a Virtual World"

■"Concentrating on ONE relationship or on SEVERAL?"


*********************************************************** Being single can be fun and exciting!

There's no reason why you shouldn't be on a date right now! With, you're sure to meet someone who shares your interests and with whom you'll haverepparttar 124237 time of your life! So what are you waiting for, take a tour and become a free member today!!

*********************************************************** ■ FROM THE EDITOR

Dear Reader,

Hello & Welcome to Saylavie's first newsletter. Saylavie is INAUGURATING "The Best Dating &†Love Relationship Newsletter" for all singles and couples interested in adding some spice to their romance and sexual lives. This newsletter is intended to bring outrepparttar 124238 best information for: love, dating, relationship!

Hope you enjoy!!

Nicolas Martin

*********************************************************** ■"Does Online Dating Really Work?"

It has only been 4-5 years now, thatrepparttar 124239 world wide web is being populated with online dating ads pop-ups, banners, Spam mail,...etc.,... . The fact is,repparttar 124240 demand for online dating is increasing since we enteredrepparttar 124241 new millennium. Asrepparttar 124242 internet community is rapidly growing, more and more online users are spending time and money on dating sites. Most of those people are either too busy to go out to places where they can flirt and court with others, or they do not feel comfortable in such places (clubs, coffee stands,...). Furthermore withrepparttar 124243 emancipation of sexual diversities (heterosexual, bi-sexual....; soft porn, fetish...), it becomes even more difficult these days to aproach a person without offending his or her beliefs. One thing is fore sure, dating and romance are a necessity in human lives and will continue beingrepparttar 124244 first steps in building a healthy romantic relationship. We come to realize that somehowrepparttar 124245 old style of courting is fading away, and leaving place to virtual encounters. Is this a bad or good thing? Wellrepparttar 124246 fact is, if you spend more time on your computer than socializing, you will eventually get rusty whenrepparttar 124247 time comes to show your interpersonal skills. However, online dating isrepparttar 124248 new way to encounter people for love and romance. Most ofrepparttar 124249 dating sites offer a fun and anonymous way on finding that special somebody, leaving therefore more time torepparttar 124250 online dater to organize and prepare himself for his eventual dates.

*********************************************************** ■"5 tips on how to attractrepparttar 124251 opposite sex in a Virtual World"

_1_GIVE OUT A DETAILED & TRUE DESCRIPTION OF YOURSELF!! You do not want to misleadrepparttar 124252 person who you are trying to attract. If you are true to yourself, this will reflect on your presentation profile and ensure to others your legitimacy. Furthermore, most of dating sites ask you to create a username in order to let you flirt in a anonymously fashioned way.

_2_POST YOUR PICTURE, VIDEO CLIP...... If a dating site offers yourepparttar 124253 chance to post your picture or a short streaming video clip, don't be SHY, take full advantage of that service. A picture will bring outrepparttar 124254 real person in you, and attract more people. Onrepparttar 124255 net everything and everyone is virtual, making it hard to believe or trust what you see. So don't worry about looks, worry on keeping it real!!

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