How to Write a Good Article

Written by Craig Lock

We hope thatrepparttar following article (which was extracted from a lesson on our Online Creative Writing Course) may be informative and helpful to your e-zine readers, or on your web site. You have permission to publish this article (formatted to 60 characters, approx) electronically or in print. If it helps others "out there" in any way, then we're happy. "We share what we know, so that others may grow."


by Craig Lock

This article was written forrepparttar 129668 off-line "real") world some years back; however,repparttar 129669 principles apply also to cybersppace.

Firstly, carefully research and study your subject matter.

Think it all through very carefully, WHAT you are going to say and HOW you are going to say it.

I believerepparttar 129670 essence of writing a good interesting article is simplicity, but with a touch (or could it be "tinge" ofrepparttar 129671 unusual).

Always aim for clarity and simplicity in your writing.

How long should your article be?

In writing for newspapers or popular magazinesrepparttar 129672 length is probably around 500-750 words (or one to 2 pages).

I would far rather read a 1000 word article giving information that would help me, than a breezy 3000 word article of waffle that doesn't say much at all.

Always try to put yourself inrepparttar 129673 position ofrepparttar 129674 reader.

After completion, re-read your article a number of times.

Polish it up by changing words and expressions.

Ensure that your article reads quickly and easily.

Otherwise if an article is too longrepparttar 129675 reader can easily lose concentration and give up.

Examine your sentences and paragraphs carefully to ensure thatrepparttar 129676 words flow smoothly.

A paragraph should deal with one idea, developed in one or more sentences that logically advancesrepparttar 129677 points you are trying to make, add meaning or develop thestory you are telling (the plot).

Always try to make your meaning clear.

Ensure that your sentences are well structured and that your grammar iscorrect.

The first words of your article are of vital importance to grab yourreader's attention.

You are doing a "selling" job to entice them to read more - so makerepparttar 129678 reader want to read more.

Develop your theme logically. Carefully plan what you are going to say.

Make a list of your main points.

Then progress from one to another (logically), so that they lead to a conclusion.

For example

"...and that is why I thinkrepparttar 129679 resource management act is good forrepparttar 129680 local environment."


"and that is why I believe all accountants and actuaries should be set in concrete and used as traffic bollards"

Oops sorry accountants and actuaries!

Do you know what an actuary is?

An accountant who didn't haverepparttar 129681 personality! An Example Of An Article

Eg: You are writing aboutrepparttar 129682 growing popularity of home computers.

Identify 4 or 5 main points:


* cost

* who is buying them

* how they are being used


* implications forrepparttar 129683 future.

In a short article each of these points will be a paragraph.

In a longer article,repparttar 129684 points will be developed.

Arrange your points logically.

You can include sub-points under each main point.

Inrepparttar 129685 example on computers you may include:

* word processing

* computer games

* accounts


* school work.

There are three main parts of any article.

Your article should have an introduction.

This introducesrepparttar 129686 reader torepparttar 129687 subject.

Make More Money Self-Publishing Special Reports

Written by J. Stephen Pope


You CAN succeed in your own information empire. Self-publishing valuable, how-to information is in great demand by people today. In today's busy society, people are pressed for time. They need concise, simplified, practical information. They will pay dearly for it if it will improverepparttar quality of their lives.

Even if you have never written for money before, you can do so if you applyrepparttar 129666 information in this report. Lack of formal education should not deter you. Large sums of cash are not required. What is required isrepparttar 129667 application ofrepparttar 129668 information in this report.

You must have more than good intentions, though. Your strong desire to succeed, not only in making money, but in making a difference in other peoples' lives, will motivate you. Then, following through, you will execute your planned tasks to reach your goal.


Information can be sold onrepparttar 129669 basis of its value. For example, if you could receive a thousand dollar tax-free grant, would you pay ten dollars for that information? Most persons would. They'd be $990.00 ahead. Yet, that information might fit on one printed page. So,repparttar 129670 cost of producingrepparttar 129671 information has almost no relationship torepparttar 129672 value ofrepparttar 129673 information. Thus,repparttar 129674 potential for high markups and profits exist in this business.

Information products (unlike other hard goods like cars, refrigerators, et cetera) are relatively light and so incur lower shipping costs. In fact,repparttar 129675 post office gives preferential treatment for shipping books.

You could sell other peoples' products, but then you would not have control over your business. At any time, your suppliers could change their commission structure, let your competitors sellrepparttar 129676 product, or even discontinue your relationship. If you own your own proprietary product, your own copyrighted information product, no one can legally sell it without your permission. You control its production, promotion, and distribution.

3. WHY SELF-PUBLISH SPECIAL REPORTS INSTEAD OF BOOKS? A Special Report (sometimes called a folio) is a written document of from one to several pages on a specialized subject of interest to certain readers. It should be concise and practical information of value to a particular audience. It might be professionally bound with a cover and personalized forrepparttar 129677 reader or it might just be a few pages stapled together or it may even takerepparttar 129678 form of a computer file or electronic book. This publication is an example of a Special Report.

Books and booklets must be produced in certain minimum quantities. This is fine, when you're well-established financially. However, Special Reports can be produced on demand, one copy at a time, if necessary. This means that if you receive one order, you can publish it from your home computer by simply printing a copy of your file.

Even if you have no computer, you could type one copy of your report and have it photocopied as required. This results in virtually no money being tied up in inventory. You spend money only when you receive orders. Books are lengthier and require more time and effort to produce. Therefore, it will take you longer to make money from your efforts. A Special Report, being only a few pages long onrepparttar 129679 average, is a product you can develop and produce quickly and economically.

Many customers will appreciaterepparttar 129680 concise treatment of a particular subject in a Special Report. They could pay forty dollars for a complete book on home-based businesses, but maybe they just want information on self-publishing.

Perhaps they have already bought books on How To Publish Your Own Book, butrepparttar 129681 area of Special Reports wasn't really covered. For a few dollars (and often for considerably less expense than a book), they can getrepparttar 129682 essential information they need to accomplish their goal.

If time is money, then your customer will really appreciate your to-the-point consideration of his selected subject. You are not being paid byrepparttar 129683 word; you are being paid for results.

As you write further Special Reports in your area of expertise and interest, you will find you will have a number of products to sell, instead of just one. Then, you will have diversified your income, having developed multiple income sources. Instead of making money only when you are working, these products could generate passive income for years to come. While on vacation or while sleeping, orders could be coming in for these products you developed.

As well, a series of Special Reports or folios on related subjects could be combined later to produce a book. If, for example, you produced twelve different folios on various ways of making money from self-publishing, they could be combined in a book on repparttar 129684 same subject.

Thus, Special Reports can be used asrepparttar 129685 basis for creating other information products, such as books, booklets, audio cassettes, videos, courses, software, speeches, website content, electronic books, business kits, and so on. The more products you have andrepparttar 129686 more choices you offer your customer,repparttar 129687 more income streams you will generate for yourself.


Of course, it is natural that you would want to write about something that is of interest to you. However, is what you are writing about of interest to others? You may be an excellent poet, butrepparttar 129688 market is very limited for poetry.

Onrepparttar 129689 other hand, practical and simple "how-to" information sells. As an example, you presumably obtained this report to accomplish a number of objectives. First of all, you wanted to make more money. Secondly, you wanted to learn how to create valuable information of use to others, so that they could pay you for it.

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