How to Write a Fundraising Letter

Written by Linda Elizabeth Alexander

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How to Write a Fundraising Letter

(c) 2002 By Linda Elizabeth Alexander

The key to a successful fundraising campaign is writing a good letter. This may sound intimidating at first, but fundraising letters contain many ofrepparttar 127273 same elements as any good sales letter.

First, know your donors: Beginning with an updated list of past donors is key -- they will likely give again and may even increase their donations over time. Make sure to have a good, well-targeted, updated mailing list for new prospects as well.

In order to get people to read your letter, they must first openrepparttar 127274 envelope. Include teaser copy onrepparttar 127275 outside ofrepparttar 127276 envelope. This can be as simple as a printed line saying, "We need your help."

Early inrepparttar 127277 letter, make your case -- quickly. Don't beat aroundrepparttar 127278 bush. Tell about your organization or project atrepparttar 127279 top ofrepparttar 127280 letter and get torepparttar 127281 point right away. What problem will this project solve? What need will it fill?

Appeal to your donors' hearts first with descriptions and anecdotes, then their heads with facts and figures.

If you are writing to previous donors, be sure to thank them first before you ask for more money. "Thanks for being such an important influence on our program inrepparttar 127282 past. Last year's fundraiser was such a success, we're inviting you to help again ..."

Also, loserepparttar 127283 hype. Don't exaggerate or over-extend yourself. Nothing will destroy your credibility faster than sounding like a used-car salesperson when raising funds for a good cause.

As with other sales letters, longer copy pulls better in fundraising letters. I know, I know, "Nobody reads long letters." While most people won't read every word,repparttar 127284 more you can tellrepparttar 127285 reader aboutrepparttar 127286 benefits of giving,repparttar 127287 better response you will receive.

Another reason for long copy is with a good fundraising letter, you should be able to start reading at any point inrepparttar 127288 letter and still know what it is about.

7 Secrets to Higher Sales

Written by David McKenzie

Here are 7 techniques that I am currently using to increase sales of both my own products and products that I resell through affiliate programs.

These techniques are working for me NOW!

1. Using a strong guarantee on my sales page so that potential buyers know I am serious aboutrepparttar offer I am providing. If people are not happy withrepparttar 127269 product I WANT TO give them their money back. By providing a strong guarantee you are turning potential buyers into buyers.

2. Offer a free bonus. Whether it is a bonus ebook, a bonus subscription to a newsletter or a bonus email course it does not matter. Justrepparttar 127270 act of offering a bonus makes people want to buy.

3. Tell a story. People are more interesting than products. Tell people about YOUR story. Tell them your struggles, tell them your successes and tell themrepparttar 127271 methods that have worked best for you. They want to hear about you. Once they know more about you they will buy from you.

4. Writing articles. I write lots and lots of articles andrepparttar 127272 more my articles are read by potential buyersrepparttar 127273 more likely they are to buy. They already have a taste of what I am offering which makes their buying decision that much easier.

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