How to Write a Children's Book in 30 Days or Less!

Written by Caterina Christakos

How to Write a Childrens Book in 30 Days or Less!

The first time I attempted to write a children's book it took me three months and several years of promising myself I would do it "one day." In that time I managed to washrepparttar dog a million times, rearrange my closet, get my apartment so clean that they should have done a commercial about it and procrastinate in ways that gaverepparttar 129321 word a new name.

When I actually sat down to writerepparttar 129322 book it took me two days and that was with editing. That isrepparttar 129323 longest that it has taken me to write a children's book since then and in reality, unless you are writing an epic it will not take you more than that period of time to write yours either, after you read this article.

Why thenrepparttar 129324 title, " How to Write a Children's book in 30 days or less?" So that you will have time to washrepparttar 129325 dog, cleanrepparttar 129326 closets and get Mr. Clean to personally come in and interview you, in addition to writing a children’s book that you will treasure forever.

The Six Keys to Getting Past Procrastination

-Visualize- Visualize your goal. Visualize your Story. Visualize your liferepparttar 129327 way you want it to be.

-Prepare- Prepare your work space. Prepare your family for your writing schedule. Prepare yourself for allrepparttar 129328 possiblities that will open up to you.

Earn $5,000 per Month in Residual Income from Market Intelligence Reports

Written by Jennie S. Bev

Writing market intelligence reports (also called "industry reports") probably never enters your mind. It may sound a bit intimidating and foreign. It may sound too out of reach. "I am not an industry expert and I can't write something of that caliber," you may say to yourself. But what ifrepparttar benefits are far greater thanrepparttar 129319 "fear"?

You either work 9 to 5 or freelance independently. Either way, you don't receive residual income from your works. In a 9-to-5 job, if you miss a day, you won't be paid for that particular day atrepparttar 129320 end ofrepparttar 129321 month. As a freelancer, if you don't produce and deliver, not only you don't get paid, you'd ruin your hard-earned reputation.

What if there is a way for you to earn residual income many times over your initial effort now? Residual income simply means that when you complete a job, you keep getting paid without putting forth extra effort or work on your part as long asrepparttar 129322 "final product" of your work still exists and is still being sold.

The average industry reports are sold $3,000 a piece andrepparttar 129323 authors (also called "researchers") earn 25 percent royalty out ofrepparttar 129324 retail price. Thus, earning $5,000 per month is not impossible at all. In fact, it is a conservative estimate. Many market intelligence authors earn much more than that, but they are less likely to disclosingrepparttar 129325 actual figure.

Breaking in and succeeding in market intelligence report writing is much easier nowadays, thanks to computers andrepparttar 129326 Internet. Researching for industrial information took a lot of effort a few years ago. Now it is more of what and who you know, where to look for and how to get yourself hooked up torepparttar 129327 sources of information, even if you don't have previous experience inrepparttar 129328 field. And yes, most of these activities can be done online.

Naturally, if you know how to operate a computer and perform online research, you already possess two ofrepparttar 129329 most essential skills to succeed in this business. So, wait no more. You can start writing as soon as you want either part-time or full-time.

Here are some tips to break into and succeed in industry reports writing based on Write Industry Reports: Work at Home and Start Earning $5,000 in Royalties per Month.

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