How to Write Your Way to More Quilting Business

Written by Chuck Smith

So, you've opened up your quilting business?

You're in a good location, provide a superior product and offer compelling prices. Yet, somehow, you'd like to see more people frequenting your quilt shop or signing up for your quilting classes, taking advantage or your machine quilting services, or purchasing your quilts.

One way to achieve your quilting business goals is to write articles.

If you've never fancied yourself as much of a writer, don't worry. If you've got news, there's a good chance that someone will want to read it, and therefore, your local paper will want to publish it.

The obvious question is: "How do I get started?" Well, it's a lot easier than you may think. First of all, you need to have a newsy and interesting angle to your potential story -repparttar kind of thing editors will be glad to publish.

Are you a brand new quilting business, perhapsrepparttar 124425 first in town?

Do you provide special workshops on quilt making?

Have you expanded your quilting product or service offerings?

Have you contributed qulits to a noteworthy cause?

Do you use unusual fabrics to make your quilts?

Does your machine quilting business offer special services?

Have you ever sold a quilt to a celebrity?

If you can answer "Yes!" to any or all of these questions, then you can potentially write an article that would be of interest to an editor at one of your local papers.

There are two ways you can go about writing an article for your quilting business. The first option is if you writerepparttar 124426 article and then askrepparttar 124427 editors at your local papers whether or not they would be interested in publishing it. The second option would be to first contact local editors and ask if they would be interested in your article if you write it.

Promoting Your Web Sites in the Dirt World

Written by John Calder

2004, John Calder

Internet entrepreneurs are familiar with allrepparttar ways you can promote your web sites and your business online. Writing articles, paid advertising, posting to forums, cross-promoting, JVs with others, etc. Are there good ways to promote those same businesses inrepparttar 105712 offline world?

Chances are that no offline promotion will haverepparttar 105713 same reach, forrepparttar 105714 money spent, as online promotions have. The Internet offers a medium to target specific audiences very easily, rivaled perhaps only by direct mail and specialty print advertising. When measuring your promotion efforts, it's all aboutrepparttar 105715 conversion rate. Generally, you want to convert a higher percentage of a narrow audience, rather than a small percentage of a 'blanket' audience. Unfortunately, most dirt world promotion opportunities, including radio and newspaper, tend to convey their message shotgun-style, covering a wide and diverse marketplace.

A lot of your offline

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