How to Write Your Own Winning Resume, Using a Resume Template

Written by Fayola Peters

The easiest way to write you own resume is by using a resume template. Don't waste time trying re-inventingrepparttar wheel. Using a resume template which has been a success for others isrepparttar 125461 best way to go.

Most successful resumes have a few things in common in terms of their layout. These are:

•Contact Information •Job Objective •Education •Work History/Experience •Reference.

The order and amount of information you give for each of these depends onrepparttar 125462 resume format you use. There are many resume formats you can choose from such asrepparttar 125463 chronological format,repparttar 125464 functional format,repparttar 125465 skilled format and so on.

To start, your contact information should simply state your name, mailing address, permanent mailing address, and phone numbers, fax numbers and/or email addresses you want employers to contact you at. This information must always be atrepparttar 125466 top of your resume. Your job objective is best positioned directly below your contact information. It must be short and precise. Using a specific job title like mechanical engineer or administrative assistant is usually best.

Where you placerepparttar 125467 education section of your resume depends on how relevant this information is torepparttar 125468 job you're applying for. It also depends on how relevant and substantial your work experience is.

Online Dating Works!

Written by Jennifer Lester

You hear it everyday. There are more and more people out there who have found love online. I am not surprised! From my experience, online dating is so much easier and better then offline dating.

Just a few of years ago, I was single and very lonely. I was working long hours. Like most people I seemed to be spending more time at work then in my own home and my social life had gone completely byrepparttar way side. Sure, I was a single Mom that had to dedicate a lot of non-work time to my daughter, but even that was sparse. My non-parent friends found themselves inrepparttar 125460 same boat a lot ofrepparttar 125461 time.

I found myself browsing throughrepparttar 125462 chat rooms online duringrepparttar 125463 evening in search of new friends or just someone else to talk to. Usually, I couldn’t get a word in edge-wise or found myself disgusted at some ofrepparttar 125464 things that people would say. I thought about trying an online dating service, but was hesitant because ofrepparttar 125465 stigma that it is “just forrepparttar 125466 desperate”.

Well, if that is true, then call me Ms. Desperate because I finally gave in torepparttar 125467 urge and decided to take a peek at what online dating was all about. I quickly (at least as quickly as an old dial-up connection and 24K modem can get) discovered I had been missing out and wasting my time trying to do this through regular chat rooms.

Back then, I didn’t know much aboutrepparttar 125468 internet. In fact,repparttar 125469 internet was pretty new to most people (this was beforerepparttar 125470 millenium when I began my journey). My Dad had passed down a computer to my daughter and myself and I found myself intrigued byrepparttar 125471 world wide web. Since I was an AOL member, I found it quick and easy to browserepparttar 125472 personal ads at Love@AOL which is now affiliated with

I was amazed atrepparttar 125473 vast numbers of members already there. Of course,repparttar 125474 odds are in women's favor. There are many more men in online dating services then women. Millions of people are already working on their search that I had been putting off . Already finding friendships and love while I had been being left behind. Sure, I tried datingrepparttar 125475 traditional offline ways. I went out withrepparttar 125476 girls when I could and tried to meet men in bars or at my cousin’s gigs. Men rarely seemed to approach and when they did, they always seemed interested in only one thing (and it wasn’t knowing my name). Things seemed different online

In offline dating, I found that relationships often turned torepparttar 125477 physical before they had built a strong emotional base. You are drawn to someone offline because you find them attractive and sometimes even let lust get inrepparttar 125478 way. Online, I was able to get to know a little about a person before I ever even had to be in contact with them. I knew their interests, what kinds of relationships they were looking for, whether they had kids or even wanted them, and even most ofrepparttar 125479 time what they looked like if they had posted a photo. Sure, there is alwaysrepparttar 125480 chance that a person has posted a fake or old photo and have written lies about themselves. However, you find that offline with people too. If someone is going to misrepresent themselves online, they definitely will offline. I did find that I never seemed to run across anyone who had totally misrepresented themselves or their appearance. Being online gives you a sense of freedom. Freedom from humiliation and rejection. You never know if someone has come across your personal ad and just chose to not respond. So, who cares! It is not like going up to someone face to face and getting shot down so I believe most people tend to be pretty honest.

After I wrote emails to a few ofrepparttar 125481 people whose personal ads intrigued me, I decided to post my own. Oh My God! The next day my email box was full of responses. I couldn’t even keep up with them all. I had to come up with a system to weed out some ofrepparttar 125482 less magnetic people. If they wrote a form, not personal note, or wrote anything lewd, I would just delete it. Then I could focus onrepparttar 125483 ones that seemed to write more from their heart. I spent many a night writing emails and replying to emails from wonderful people. Some I would eventually drop offrepparttar 125484 list, and some I would eventually exchange phone numbers with. As a woman and especially as a single mom, I decided that giving them my pager number (eventually my cell phone when I got one) was better then giving them my phone number.

I would talk onrepparttar 125485 phone with these potential dates for hours at a time. We would take so much time getting to know each other that when it came time to meet face-to-face,repparttar 125486 awkwardness that is there in offline dating, was non-existent. The only anxiety I would have was whether or notrepparttar 125487 chemistry we had overrepparttar 125488 phone and computer would be combined with a physical chemistry once we met.

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