How to Write Cover Letters That Increase Your Chances of Winning an Interview

Written by Roger Clark

Submit a poorly written cover letter andrepparttar chances are your resume will end up inrepparttar 141819 trash bin without even being looked at.

Onrepparttar 141820 other hand, a well written cover letter can almost guarantee you get an interview.

Interview Winning Cover Letters

Ok, you may not win any awards forrepparttar 141821 cover letter that you enclose to your resume, but you may increase your odds it actually getting read, if you follow a few simple steps.

1. Keep it brief. Your resume isrepparttar 141822 document that conveys your qualifications, therefore your cover letter need not go on and on about how wonderful you are.

2. Remember it serves a purpose. It is announcing you Ė and your enclosed information, your resume.

3. Tell them what youíre doing: Iím applying forrepparttar 141823 position ofÖ Enclosed is my resume forrepparttar 141824 position of Ö

4. Clearly state what position youíre applying for. Donít assumerepparttar 141825 Human Resources person will automatically know what job you want or that they only have one opening.

5. Highlight a few of your strong suits. Although brevity isrepparttar 141826 key here, you donít want to merely say, ďHereís my resume. Bub Bye.Ē

6. Donít be redundant with contact information. All that pertinent information should be on your resume.

7. Donít staple your cover letter to your resume. Often photocopies need to be made and it just frustratesrepparttar 141827 person makingrepparttar 141828 copies to have to remove your staples. Use a paperclip if you feelrepparttar 141829 need to attach it; else just send it on top of your resume.

8. Typos. Thatís an obvious one. Itís hard to proof your own work. Find one other person to give both your cover letter and resume a glance over. Youíre dead inrepparttar 141830 water if your cover letter has misspellings, poor grammar or typos.

Resumes Aren't Important - They are Everything When it Comes to Getting an Interview

Written by Roger Clark

Employers and recruiters receive hundreds of resumes for every position they are trying to fill. To select their shortlist of candidates to interview, they look forrepparttar most common resume mistakes most applicants make and eliminate them first.

To increase your chances of getting an interview, make sure you avoid these common mistakes.

Ten Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Whether youíve been downsized, are looking for a career change or are just starting out, your resume speaks volumes about you. If your resume doesnít make it pastrepparttar 141818 first cut, youíre doomed; no matter how qualified you are. Below are ten common mistakes to avoid when putting your resume together. Remember, you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

1. Multiple pages Ė You need to be concise. Keep it to one page and one page only. If you canít highlight your talents on one page, youíre givingrepparttar 141819 message that you are unorganized and tend to go on and on.

2. Fancy paper Ė If your skills donít speak for themselves, then your fancy paper isnít going to make a bit of difference.

3. Fancy font Ė Same as above. Donít try to set yourself apart with a different font on your resume. Set yourself apart by being uniquely qualified.

4. Irrelevant info Ė No one really cares that you were a singing waiter if youíre applying for an accountant job.

5. Outdated information Ė Does it matter than you had a newspaper route and were onrepparttar 141820 high school cheerleading squad 24 years ago? No, not inrepparttar 141821 least. Leave it off.

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