How to Wheelie like a pro on a snowboard

Written by Jakob Jelling

Wheelies are an old trick that goes back at least as far as roller skating does and most likely much further. It seems that any time any body has a vehicle with four wheels they need to find a way to make it run on just two wheels for a while. The list of examples can vary from muscle cars to skateboards to quads and motor bikes.

Wheelies are not a trick limited to vehicles with more than one tire. The definition of a wheelie has now extended to include things such as snowboards. While a snowboard does not have any wheels on it,repparttar principal of how a wheelie works isrepparttar 137515 exact same.

When it comes to snowboarding, a wheelie is a simple matter of balance. Your goal is to learn how to balance your weight on nothing butrepparttar 137516 tail of your snowboard while going down a slope. As with most skills, this ability also increases your skills required for other tricks.

The exact technique required for you to wheelie will very depending upon your riding style. Of courserepparttar 137517 first step is to be riding down a gentle slope that you are very comfortable with. The first wheelie to practice isrepparttar 137518 tail wheelie where you will be raisingrepparttar 137519 nose of your snowboard offrepparttar 137520 ground and riding on justrepparttar 137521 tail.

To raiserepparttar 137522 nose offrepparttar 137523 ground you need to stiffen your front leg, as it will act asrepparttar 137524 fulcrum for you. As you stiffen your front leg slightly bend your rear leg and begin to raise your front leg up intorepparttar 137525 air while leaning backwards. An important thing to keep in mind is that your spine must also bend in a gentle curve to help you arcrepparttar 137526 nose of your snowboard offrepparttar 137527 ground. Once you getrepparttar 137528 nose of your snowboard offrepparttar 137529 ground it is only a matter of learning to feelrepparttar 137530 flex in your snowboard and thus learning what it needs to get your wheelie higher offrepparttar 137531 ground and for longer periods of time.

The blunt nose slide

Written by Jakob Jelling

A blunt nose slide is a variation ofrepparttar Wheelie but with an interesting twist. A blunt nose slide is a Wheelie done onrepparttar 137514 front and side of your snowboard. Doingrepparttar 137515 same trick onrepparttar 137516 rear of your snowboard is a switch-stance blunt nose slide.

The two key elements to this trick arerepparttar 137517 wheelie andrepparttar 137518 slide. You must be very proficient at both before trying them together. A slide is fairly easy to getrepparttar 137519 hang of and mostly likely is how you first learnt to stop on your snowboard. As you are riding down a gentle slope, turn to traverserepparttar 137520 slope in such a way that your heels are towards to slope. As you makerepparttar 137521 turn lean back towardsrepparttar 137522 slope to makerepparttar 137523 heel edge of your snowboard dig intorepparttar 137524 slope.

A wheelie has a lot to do withrepparttar 137525 balance and control of your snowboard. The easiest wheelie to do is onrepparttar 137526 tail of your snowboard. Begin by riding down a gentle slope, relax your rear leg slightly and stiffen you front leg. Lean backwards and raise your front leg up in torepparttar 137527 air in order to raiserepparttar 137528 tip of your snowboard offrepparttar 137529 ground.

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