How to Use the Google Patent to Get More Traffic

Written by Chris Ellington

According torepparttar recent release ofrepparttar 146163 Google Patent Application, many ofrepparttar 146164 things you're doing to get better page rank and increase your position in natural search are about to be history. It's frightening how much things are going to change.

All of those folks trying to "beatrepparttar 146165 system" with doorway pages and invisible text are about to be (or have already been) punished byrepparttar 146166 Google Algorithm.

Why are things changing? Because Google wants to remainrepparttar 146167 premier search engine, which means returning content that matters to people doingrepparttar 146168 searches. It's true, marketers are not Google's primary customer. People using search engines to find information will always remain Google's #1 priority.

Think about people using search engines for a moment. Wait, forget about them think about yourself for a moment. When you turn torepparttar 146169 internet for answers, what do you want? I may be an oddball, but when I'm looking for an answer to my question, I want, yes - an answer to my question. Your prospective customers are no different. To quote Dr. Phil, "People want what they want when they want it." Are you giving it to them?

If you're not giving them what they want, they probably won't give you what you want ( their attention, their contact information, and their money.) But there is one thing you can do that will inspire them to visit your site, make them open your offer, and improve your search engine positioning all atrepparttar 146170 same time.

So what isrepparttar 146171 one thing thing?

Provide content. Content is King and content means articles. Content meansrepparttar 146172 information that addresses that web searcher's issues and needs.

And it's what Google expressly wants from you. It's what Google needs in order to remainrepparttar 146173 premier search engine. It's what Google will return inrepparttar 146174 very top positions of search results, even forrepparttar 146175 most popular keywords. The Patent Application makes it clear that doing this one thing is going to have a bigger impact than allrepparttar 146176 keyword stuffing and optimization you can do.

All you have to do is write a short (400-800 words) article on any topic that might be of interest to your target market. If you sell computers, write a review of some recently released technology. If you are a consultant, explain how companies can improve using some ofrepparttar 146177 handy tips and tricks you know.

Your tips and tricks don't have to berepparttar 146178 "magic" of your offering. You don't have to give awayrepparttar 146179 store. There are some things that you consider quite fundamental in your industry - and there are thousands of newcomers who don't yet knowrepparttar 146180 fundamentals. Through your articles, you will berepparttar 146181 expert who shows themrepparttar 146182 ropes. Imagine how much this elevates their opinion of you. You become an instant guru.

You become known as an expert in your field, someone who really knows what's going on in your space. What kinds of problems might your target market be trying to solve online? Write an article to explain a solution to them.

For instance: I use Article Marketer ( to distribute my articles to thousands of newsletter editors for publication. It costs me $39.95 to distribute as many articles as I want for three full months. It's a great bargain.

10 Profitable Ways to Use Articles

Written by Ron Passfield

1. Userepparttar articles as content for your ezine 2. Publishrepparttar 146098 articles on your website. 3. Sendrepparttar 146099 articles to your opt-in list. 4. Create viral content for your website. 5. Create bonuses for your products. 6. Create a viral eBook that you give away.

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