How to Use and Write Press Releases as an Internet Marketing Strategy

Written by Craig Lock

Article Title: How to Use and Write Press Releases as an Internet Marketing Strategy (Up-dated) Author: Craig Lock Category/Subject: Internet Marketing, Press Releases Web Site: Articles by Craig are available at: (Writing, intwernet marketing and spiritual)

Publishing Guidelines: We hope thatrepparttar following article (formatted to 65 characters, approx) may be informative and helpful to your e-zine readers, or on your web site. If it helps others "out there" in any way, then we're happy. This article (as with all my articles) may be freely published, electronically or in print. "We share what we know, so that others may grow." . * How to Use and Write Press Releases as an Internet Marketing Strategy Thought I'd share a bit about using press releases as an internet marketing tool, based on our past experiences in this area of internet marketing... We at Eagle Productions (NZ) have done quite a bit of research on press release services recently and we use them here frequently to "spreadrepparttar 143556 word" about our various sites and activities from here in far-off New Zealand to our biggest market (by far), Americans. From this we find doing press releases to be reasonably effective effective. While it's hard to quantifyrepparttar 143557 precise results of press releases, one thing just seems to lead to another (and usually leads to valuable "contacts and exposure" - "exciting, naughty and nice!")...and I do find submitting them to be a most effective form of advertising inrepparttar 143558 "on and off-line world". In getting your "brand known", which isrepparttar 143559 first step. Together with submitting my articles to announcement lists, like Shelley Lowery's Article Announce, Free Content, Bill Platt's Free Ezine Content, Free Reprint Articles, ReadMyArticles, Netwrite-Publish-Announce, FreeWrites, Article Submission and Publisher Network. That is our MAIN internet marketing strategy. A quick word of advice in writing press releases... It is vital thatrepparttar 143560 press release about your business is newsworthy and try to capture attention with a good "catchy" headline. Make it "spicy and add 'zing' (like KFC) to make it sizzle!" Also you can send your news release by "snail mail" or by e-mail. We do all our submissions to these services via e-mail. Recently we've had a number of releases about our activities here onrepparttar 143561 other side ofrepparttar 143562 world published by PR Web, which is a free service ("cheapskate"!)... and traffic to our sites mentioned has increased substantially already. Their web address is: PR Web recommends adding a link back to them to add credibility to your web site - good idea, I think! We've used them regularly overrepparttar 143563 years and they provide a great service.

On-line Education - An information explosion

Written by Ram Balaji

If there is one revolution that has sweptrepparttar world in a relatively short span of time, it is certainly Internet Revolution. Internet has rejuvenated many sectors such as Service, Manufacturing, Health-care, Education and a lot more. In more than one way,repparttar 143502 emergence of Internet in Education sector has paved way for making huge profits and stands as a clear winner in this game of bandwidth connectivity.

On-line education for instance is increasingly attractingrepparttar 143503 students' segment acrossrepparttar 143504 world. Some thirty years back,repparttar 143505 students had to seek admissions in schools and colleges. Today,repparttar 143506 penetration of Internet has created a platform to these students to study at home or at places convenient to them. In fact, some ofrepparttar 143507 on-line educational institutions offer courses at affordable fees. The flexibility is in your time and place. Students can elsewhere work duringrepparttar 143508 day and spendrepparttar 143509 night doingrepparttar 143510 courses on-line.

An exciting feature in this type of on-line education is that many diploma and degree courses are offered to all categories of people cutting across linguistic, locational and age barriers. For instance, a student can spend five hours a day, a father three hours and a typical executive who is confined torepparttar 143511 office premises working for an organization duringrepparttar 143512 day can spend his leisurely night doingrepparttar 143513 course.

The onslaught of Internet explosion has only increasedrepparttar 143514 demand for more on-line educational programmes. Two typical advantages of going online is that fast-paced results and instant feedback (response to a query) take you through and groups of people instantly start interacting with one another to exchange views. Today,repparttar 143515 best investment is knowledge.

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