How to Use Your Current Job to Feed Your New Business

Written by Myrtis Smith

For most people, starting a new business involves a gradual transition from their “real job”. Often you can take advantage of your current employment by using a few simple tips.

There are several company perks you should utilize torepparttar fullest extent:

1. Training. If your company is willing to send you to training, take advantage of it. Find courses that will serve double duty; that is a course that will help you in your current job AND your future business.

2. Networking. Get to know as many people as you can. Your current employer may turn out to be your biggest customer. Plan on becoming a freelance writer? Get to knowrepparttar 117088 people in marketing. Plan on doing independent computer programming? Become buddies with someone in IT. You never know where leads will come from.

3. Find a mentor; preferably someone high onrepparttar 117089 food chain. If you are fortunate enough to work in a small company, try to get to knowrepparttar 117090 owner orrepparttar 117091 president. Observe how he conducts himself. Learn as much as you can aboutrepparttar 117092 ins and outs of running a business. There are lots of entrepreneurs willing to take a new person under their wing.

4. Buy old equipment. If your company is upgrading computers or remodelingrepparttar 117093 office, investigaterepparttar 117094 possibility of buying some items. Many of those things could be sold directly to you at a fraction ofrepparttar 117095 price you would pay at an office store.

5. Build your portfolio. It doesn’t make sense to start from scratch; save copies of projects, reports, and presentations to add to your portfolio to show your future clients. Be sure you understand your company’s confidentiality agreement. You may need to make modifications in order to removerepparttar 117096 company’s name and names of its clients. You may also need modifications to protect your company’s intellectual property rights. Your goal is to keeprepparttar 117097 essence of your work (i.e. show off what you are capable of doing) without violating your company’s trust.

Starting a Home Based Business in Macon, Georgia

Written by Regina Stevens

Starting a home-based business in Macon, Georgia is quite easy and inexpensive. Below is what you need to obtain to get started:

Apply for a Federal Tax ID number using a SS-4 or call 1-800-829-3676 for faster service

Planning and Zoning Permit for Home Occupation ($50) - No personal checks Old Southern Trust Bldg. Downtown 9th floor (478) 751-7450

Business License ($50) Bring Zoning Permit City Hall Room 308 (478) 751-7258

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