How to Use Free Articles to Explode Your Internet Business!

Written by Michael Ingles

How to Use Free Articles to Explode Your Internet Business! By Michael Ingles

In this article I will show you how to use articles to explode your internet business. Writing articles and posting them onrepparttar internet can pull in a flood of traffic to your web site.

You may be asking yourself "how can writing a simple article impact my business"?

It is quite simple! There are numerous article directories listed onrepparttar 102381 internet to post your articles on. This is one ofrepparttar 102382 best online marketing tools - and it's 100% Free.

I have listed a few Article Directories below: 1. 2. 3. 4.

By submitting to various article directories, you will be able to get your article posted on popular websites aroundrepparttar 102383 world. This will not only give you exposure but will also improve your link popularity with search engines allowing people to locate your website!

So how does this impact my website?

Each article you post has what's called a "Resource Box". The "Resource Box" is located atrepparttar 102384 bottom of your article and it contains your name and a brief add with a link to your web page. Image, having hundreds even thousands of postings to some ofrepparttar 102385 top web sites with your article pointing readers to your web site for further information!

The One Simple Trick that can double your Adsense revenue

Written by Brad Bahr

The One Simple Trick that can double your Adsense revenue

-by Brad Bahr

(c) Brad Bahr - All Rights reserved =======================================

I've been working with Google's Adsense program for a while now. If you're not already inrepparttar program, why not take a look at it now at I really like Adsense. It makes me money and it's easy to work with. Just some simple copy & paste into your webpage and you're done. Right?

Wrong! You can do it that way if you want. Who knows? Maybe you'll get lucky and get a lot of clicks. But if you're really serious about making a lot of money withrepparttar 102380 program, you're going to have to tweak it a little.

I've invested quite a bit of time experimenting withrepparttar 102381 program. When I first signed up, I got some clicks and made a tiny bit of money. That wasn't good enough. I knew there must be a way to get more of my visitors to click onrepparttar 102382 ads.

Google has a strict policy about not pointing torepparttar 102383 ads in any way or asking people to click on them, so there were two things I couldn't do. What else was there?

Then I remembered reading an article once that discussedrepparttar 102384 psychological impact of colors onrepparttar 102385 human mind. I started researching everything I could find onrepparttar 102386 subject.

After a lot of reading, many tests and periods of watching my clicks go up and down, I foundrepparttar 102387 one color combination that seemed to workrepparttar 102388 best.

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