How to Use A Blog for Free Traffic

Written by Leah J Bradshaw

One ofrepparttar Number 1 traffic building secrets is adding content to your website. Have you ever considered that a blog could berepparttar 142245 tool that makes this very possible, fast and extremely easy to do.

Blogs are written in RSS or Atom, both very effective content managment systems. Getting a blog for free is easy at After you set up your blog you need to change your settings to archive daily so you have a new page of content every time you make a post to your blog.

Blogging daily is best if you want to add new content every day. If you archive daily, then post each dayrepparttar 142246 blog software will generate a new page of content for you. It's definatelyrepparttar 142247 fastest and easiest way to add content.

The best way to integrate a blog into your website is to make your website into a blog. If you have fresh relevant content on your blog then top search engines like Google will return more often to gobble up that fresh content. That means your site will be spidered more often, and if you just built another page you want spidered, just leave a link within your blog posts to that page andrepparttar 142248 spider will follow it.

Website Promotion – Writing Articles Generates Traffic Four Different Ways

Written by Charles Essmeier

There are many different ways to promote your Website in order to generate traffic. Most of them cost money, but one ofrepparttar most effective techniques is free – writing articles about topics relating to your Website and submitting them to “free content” sites. It’s easy to do, takes relatively little time, and can increase your Website traffic in at least four different ways.

The article-writing technique is simple. You write articles about topics that relate to your Website. The articles don’t have to be overly long or complicated; 250-500 words will do nicely. Then you submit them to “free content” Websites that publish them and make them available to their own readers. This helps your own Website’s traffic in four different ways:

  • Your article onrepparttar 142159 free content site contains a link to your own Website. Readers ofrepparttar 142160 article may, if they choose, click onrepparttar 142161 link to pay your site a visit.

  • The free content site makes your article available to other Webmasters who may wish to publishrepparttar 142162 article on their own site. If they do, your article will include a link back to your site, and anyone who readsrepparttar 142163 article on that site may click onrepparttar 142164 link to pay your site a visit.

  • As your list of published articles grows larger, and more and more of your articles appear on different Websites,repparttar 142165 cumulative total of links to your own Website increases. The major search engines place a lot of significance on incoming links to Websites in order to determinerepparttar 142166 “importance” of a particular Website. The more incoming links a Website has,repparttar 142167 more “importance” a search engine attaches to it. This can substantially your Website’s placement in search results when someone searches for your Website’s topic.

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