How to Unleash Your True Golf Potential (Part 1)

Written by Craig LePage, CSCS, NASM-CPT

Time and time again we see todayís golfers out onrepparttar driving range trying to better their game. Whether itís working their short game or drivingrepparttar 143347 long ball, hours upon hours are spent on trying to master proper technique in order to take strokes off their game. What most golfers are unaware of is thatrepparttar 143348 proper technique they are striving for is often hampered by something call muscle imbalance. Muscle imbalances are postural deficiencies that will cause faulty movement patterns, discomfort or even pain during activities such as a golf swing.

Muscle imbalances can be caused by many other factors besides golf, for example sedentary lifestyle, occupation, and injury just to name a few. Repetitive movements such as a golf swing can cause muscles on one side ofrepparttar 143349 body to tighten whilerepparttar 143350 apposing muscles become weak and lengthened. This will often result inrepparttar 143351 loss of power and accuracy in a golfers swing. For a golfer to achieve his or her true potential, one must correct these imbalances that are hampering their ability to perform proper technique.

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