How to Turn Idea Squashers into Possibilities

Written by Steve Brunkhorst

By Steve Brunkhorst

Managing a small business continues to become more challenging. However, history has shown that resourceful business owners will succeed. They will prosper, turning disadvantages into advantages by thinking creatively.

While entrepreneurs focused on competition fade intorepparttar past, those working from a creative standpoint will carryrepparttar 117303 torch. The creative individual will forcerepparttar 117304 solution to a problem by looking closely at his or her vision, values, resources, and assumptions. He or she will find alternatives through creative problem solving.

I recently attended a business seminar whererepparttar 117305 presenter talked about "idea squashers." Squashers are assumptions that form barriers to creative thought. You've probably known someone who was great at coming up with squashers when first hearing new ideas. It'srepparttar 117306 familiar "Yeah but..." response. The trick is to turnrepparttar 117307 squasher into a possibility by responding to it with a leading question, or "assumption buster."

Here are some examples of squashers that block creative thought:

We've always done it this way. I've already tried that. There's too much competition. It's irrelevant to our situation. You don't have enough experience. We don't have a big enough budget. An "average Joe" can't get ahead. We haven't gotrepparttar 117308 manpower. Someone might not like it. Let's stick with what works. It's too far ahead ofrepparttar 117309 times. That's not in my job description. I'll get back to you later. Stick with what you know. It will take too much time. Nobody asked you to do this.

The Devine Secrets Of The Ya Ya Lease Purchase Hood

Written by Sue and Chuck DeFiore

The biggest secret of conducting a successful lease purchase business is to have a plan. I know donít grown. You need to know what you want to do however, before you can do it.

So secret number 1 is to have a plan of action. Set up daily goals for yourself. (For example, I want to make 50 calls today, or I want to spend 20 minutes onrepparttar telephone, or I want to send out 75 emails, you getrepparttar 117302 idea). Just be sure that your goals are realistic.

Secret number 2 is to Write down everything you want to accomplish on Monday, Tuesday, etc.,repparttar 117303 time you want to do what (for example 8 a.m. to 9 a.m.- work on FSBO sites). Have a To do list, and update it every day.

Secret number 3 is to have a tickler file. A tickler file will help keep you organized, keep your desk clean, and be sure you donít forget to do something. Remember a tickler file tickles your memory. It is a accordion file with 31 days, you make uprepparttar 117304 manila folders withrepparttar 117305 months (or you can buy them withrepparttar 117306 months onrepparttar 117307 files already), and put your to do list forrepparttar 117308 next day inrepparttar 117309 tickler file, meetings for a particular day ofrepparttar 117310 month inrepparttar 117311 tickler file. It is especially great for things you do on a consistent basis. For more information on what a tickler file is and how to use it, checkrepparttar 117312 article on our website at

Secret number 4 is to have a chron file. A chron file will help you find information quickly. It contains all correspondence you have generated for a month by date. It is a great time saver. Keep it in your desk or in a stand up on your desk.

Secret number 5 is to set up a good filing system. I am not going to go into detail on how this is done in this article, as this was already done in a previous article and can be found on our website in our article archives.

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