How to Throw an Unforgettable Kids Birthday Party

Written by John Lenaghan

How to Throw an Unforgettable Kids Birthday Party

Kids take their birthdays very seriously, and are extremely disappointed if their birthday parties are anything short of spectacular. Throwing an unforgettable kids birthday party can sometimes seem like a task better suited for a professional event planner. But withrepparttar proper party supplies, a little know how and a lot of imagination, you can throw a birthday party thatrepparttar 144015 kids will be talking about all year.

Before you let your inner party planner take over, make sure that throughoutrepparttar 144016 process you consult withrepparttar 144017 birthday boy or girl, unless of courserepparttar 144018 party is a surprise. Kids have their own ideas of what makes a party fun, and ifrepparttar 144019 kids don’t have a good timerepparttar 144020 party is a bust. Discuss possible theme ideas, party games, food, and favors with them to ensure everything is kid friendly. If you are planning a surprise party you can ask siblings or friends for ideas and opinions.

Theme Party Ideas

A successful kids birthday party starts off with a great theme. There are many great party themes you can choose from, everything from your child’s favorite toy to their favorite movie genre. The possibilities are endless and a good theme can really help pull your entire party together.

Some possible themes include: - Western (complete with cowboy hats) - Princess (tiaras for allrepparttar 144021 girls) - Cartoon characters - Disney - Carnival (clowns and plenty of games) - Toys (Bratz, Barbie, Hot Wheels, etc)

Once you have your theme chosen, planning out a kids birthday party becomes much easier. Try and get everything fromrepparttar 144022 decorations torepparttar 144023 food to tie intorepparttar 144024 theme. For instance, if you are throwing a Western theme party get cowboy birthday banners and serve up barbequed burgers, chili, and hot dogs. As party favors you can give each little guests their own cowboy or cowgirl hat to wear. Make surerepparttar 144025 birthday boy or girl’s hat is extra special.

Fun and Games

Games are an important part of any kids birthday party. Games should be fun and get everyone involved. Offering some small prizes torepparttar 144026 winner of each game is also a great idea forrepparttar 144027 kids. Have a variety of games, some that requirerepparttar 144028 kids to get active and some that requires them to use their heads. This will give everyone an opportunity to win a prize.

Some fun kid’s games include: - Musical chairs - Pinrepparttar 144029 tail onrepparttar 144030 donkey (this can be tied into your party theme, for example if your theme is Disney you could have pinrepparttar 144031 ears onrepparttar 144032 mouse) - Relay races (you can get really creative with this one and getrepparttar 144033 kids to do everything from run a course with a balloon stuck between their legs to three legged races) - Memory games (showrepparttar 144034 kids a selection of items and see who can rememberrepparttar 144035 most once you have taken them away)

7 Tips For Talking To Your Child About Drugs

Written by Nicole Brownfield

Did you know that over 75% of teens aged 16-17 report that obtaining marijuana is “easy or fairly easy?” Or that 25% of youths between 12 and 17 sayrepparttar same of crack? Drug use can lead to a host of significant health, social, learning and behavioral problems at a crucial time in a young person’s development. Getting high also impairs judgment, leading to risky decision making on issues like sex, criminal activity or riding with someone who is driving high. Because experts in substance abuse claim that parents arerepparttar 143982 principal influence on their teenager’s decision to use drugs,repparttar 143983 message needs to start with you. Research tells us that kids who maintain an open and honest line of communication are far less likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol. Many parents neglect to broachrepparttar 143984 subject primarily because they are unsure how to begin. If you would like to start a dialogue with your teen, begin by educating yourself onrepparttar 143985 different types of drugs available andrepparttar 143986 risks and dangers of each. Use television programs, anti-drug commercials, or news about drugs to help you introducerepparttar 143987 subject in a relaxed, natural way. Then: §Be absolutely clear with your kids that you don't want them using drugs. Ever. Anywhere. Don't leave room for interpretation. §Be a better listener. Ask questions and encourage them. Paraphrase what your child says to you. Ask for your children's input about family decisions.

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