"How to Teach YOUR Cat to Use a Litter Box - Secrets to Litter Tray Success"

Written by NS Kennedy

Evenrepparttar most dedicated cat lover has little patience with a cat that doesn't use its litter box. Yet, patience isrepparttar 139526 key to creating litter box success. A positive introduction when young, and simple housekeeping on your part will solve most problems.

Most cats instinctively userepparttar 139527 litter box. However if you see your kitten crouching or sniffing in a corner lift her and place her in a litter tray - this is a sign of oncoming urination. If your kitten is not usingrepparttar 139528 litter box you should place her inrepparttar 139529 box every morning.

It is important for your cat to be able to easily accessrepparttar 139530 litter box. If you have a large home, put litter boxes in more than one place. If your house has many levels, make sure each floor is equipped with a litter box. As in real estate, location is crucial to your cat successfully usingrepparttar 139531 litter box. The best spot offers your cat a certain amount of privacy, but not so out ofrepparttar 139532 way that you forget to clean it. Some people putrepparttar 139533 litter box in a seldom-used closet. Be sure, however, to use a hard-rubber stop to keeprepparttar 139534 door, or install a pet door so your cat can go in and out whenever she wants.

If you need to move a litter tray you should move it by only a few feet at a time. Ifrepparttar 139535 cat stops using it you have probably moved it too far.

If your cat doesn't use her litter box studyrepparttar 139536 situation carefully forrepparttar 139537 reason(s) why.

Some cats will avoid a "dirty" litter box. Scoop out feces and wet litter daily. Completely empty and replacerepparttar 139538 litter at least once a week. Don't be too generous withrepparttar 139539 litter; most cats prefer a shallow layer of about two inches.

"Ensure a Good Relationship Between Your Cat and Your Kids"

Written by NS Kennedy

Many parents know thatrepparttar best way for children to learn compassion andrepparttar 139525 importance of keeping commitments is by helping to care for a pet. Children learn from watchingrepparttar 139526 adults in their lives. If a child can learn to treat an animal with respect they can take that lesson into later life. A cat can be a marvellous, loving companion for a child, but it is up torepparttar 139527 adults inrepparttar 139528 family to ensurerepparttar 139529 cat andrepparttar 139530 kids live together happily ever after.

When you first bring a cat home, explain to your child that they will need to be patient, quiet and gentle to helprepparttar 139531 cat feel safe. Sit onrepparttar 139532 floor with your child and help him practice patience asrepparttar 139533 cat gets uprepparttar 139534 courage to come close. Let your child feedrepparttar 139535 cat a piece of food from his hand. Ifrepparttar 139536 cat is reluctant to come close, have your child gently toss a piece of food close torepparttar 139537 cat. Oncerepparttar 139538 cat realizes what your child is offering,repparttar 139539 ice will melt.

Very young children can easily overwhelm a cat or kitten with their exuberance. Children underrepparttar 139540 age of five years should always be supervised when playing with or handling a cat. Children over 12 years can usually be trusted to be gentle, but be sure to occasionally check up on kids under 12 years when they spend concentrated time withrepparttar 139541 family cat.

You should remind children that they should not disturb a sleeping cat, or a cat that is using its litter tray.

Kittens appear to be amazingly flexible, and children often think nothing of draping a weeks-old cat overrepparttar 139542 crook ofrepparttar 139543 arm and carrying it around like a toy, or picking up a kitten byrepparttar 139544 scruffof its neck. In this position, it is easy forrepparttar 139545 kitten to be dropped and seriously injured. Also, being carried like this leavesrepparttar 139546 cat feeling unsupported with it's hind legs swinging in space.

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