How to Tap the Profits Hidden in Your Internet Business!

Written by John Anghelache

How to Taprepparttar Profits Hidden in Your Internet Business!

I’d like to show you five secret strategies to extract profits hidden in your Internet business. Pay particular attention because any of these can boost bottom line revenue fast.


Upsells are additional sales made atrepparttar 149717 initial purchase. McDonald’s does it when they ask to super size your order. When you sell an ebook for $30, you can add an upsell torepparttar 149718 order form. The upsell offers an expanded version ofrepparttar 149719 ebook with an extra bonus for $10 dollars more. This increases your initial transaction size. Done properly, at least 20% to 50% of your customers will buyrepparttar 149720 higher priced item.

Lifetime Value of Customers

Lifetime Value refers to how much a customer is worth. Customers tend to buy more than once. Say you sell vitamins online. It costs you $50 to bring in every customer. But they buy from you for six months at $30 per month. Even if you lost $20 onrepparttar 149721 first sale you profit $160 per customer over six months. Knowing this, you can break even or lose a little money upfront to get a new customer and profit fromrepparttar 149722 repeat sales.

Back End Sales

The big money is made from repeat sales to satisfied customers. Create more products and resell them. It always costs more to get a new customer. The hidden profits are in what you do with them once you’ve got them. Build your business around a group of products you keep selling to your database.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Starting a New Home Business

Written by Topher John

I loverepparttar excitement of starting up a new home based business. I enjoy trying out new ideas and approaches withrepparttar 149701 new venture. I dreamrepparttar 149702 big dreams and hope to obtain some of them (if not all of them). I am sure you have those same feelings as well. Organization is imperative when starting any business. Some say that a well funded business hasrepparttar 149703 best chance to sustain losses until it’s profitable. However, if you are on a shoe string budget like me, money management isrepparttar 149704 key.

The place you need to start with your home business is withrepparttar 149705 pen and paper or word processing software and a PC. One thing I learned about starting businesses is there are so many variables involved it is not possible to “keep it simple” if you try to runrepparttar 149706 entire business without some type of plan. Not knowing or not being able to prioritize your needs with your business can result in bad money management and eventually failure.

Writing down what your business is about helps put your business into perspective and helps you define your immediate needs and hold off on spending on items you don’t need right away. Most recommend you write a business plan. You can buy software to write a plan and go through a set of questions to write one. You could always research how to write a business plan online.

Whether you use software or not to write a business plan you could always ask yourselfrepparttar 149707 basic questions. Getting torepparttar 149708 basics means a lot to me. It provides a foundation to your ever evolving business plan.

If you are starting your own home business, try asking yourself these questions. They may help you inrepparttar 149709 same manner as they help me:

1. What is your business name?

2. Is your business registered as a “Doing Business As” (DBA) or Corporation? – This is very important for tax purposes and banking.

2. Explain what you business does in one short paragraph. – Describing your business in a few sentences helps definerepparttar 149710 main focus of your business.

3. What products does your business sell? – List any product your business is selling and any variations of its availability.

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