How to Take Off Fast with Your Internet Business

Written by Kevin Nunley

The great thing aboutrepparttar Internet is one person can come up with a great idea, put it online, and start earning money--all in a day. Granted, not all of us who try do it so quickly (my Internet biz took a year to earn our first dollar). But you have to admitrepparttar 117928 ability to userepparttar 117929 Internet--a major mass media--for almost no money, is a tremendous opportunity. A lot of variables go into business success, but following these 3 tips increase your chances for quick results.

Find a Niche That REALLY Wants What You Sell

One ofrepparttar 117930 quickest ways to make a business successful is to focus on a small group of people who REALLY want a product or service. Because they arenítrepparttar 117931 biggest group of customers,repparttar 117932 specialized product or service probably isnít going to be available at Walmart.

You may remember Corey Rudl's big two binder Internet promotion course. Atrepparttar 117933 time, there weren't many big and detailed guides torepparttar 117934 subject. Yet, a lot of people were looking for just what Corey had created. He earned $2.5 millionrepparttar 117935 first year.

Many ofrepparttar 117936 customers in your group may not know where they can get what they want. The Internet is an incredibly convenient way for people to search for what it is they want or need. When you show up, specializing in satisfying their demands and giving these customers exactly what theyíve had such a hard time finding, you get an enthusiastic group of long term buyers.

Let me give you an example. I recently spent a few days in Southwest Texas. Itís deep inrepparttar 117937 heart of ranch country. Men and boys still wear cowboy hats just as they have for 150 years. Itís notrepparttar 117938 largest group inrepparttar 117939 world, but these guys really WANT their cowboy hats.

Cory and Victoria noticed that it was hard to find a store that stocked many cowboy hats. Their solution was to open an entire store specializing in them. You can get any kind of hat, styled any way, for any sized head. For many customers their store is regarded as an answer to a prayer. "This isrepparttar 117940 first time in 25 years that Iíve worn a hat that fits my head right," one customer told me.

Next, Cory and Victoria put their store onrepparttar 117941 Internet. What better way to reach a narrow group of customers, spread out overrepparttar 117942 world, who REALLY want their product.

Spend a Little Money for Your Own Website. Affiliate sites and free sites are fine, but you will need to create your own individual space online to makerepparttar 117943 big bucks.

Six Ways of Making Money on the Internet Without Quitting Your Day Job

Written by Martin Avis

Not long ago, books, tapes and programs were allrepparttar rage telling how easy it was to make money in mail order. The ads are still running, and a few people are still reapingrepparttar 117927 rewards. Rememberrepparttar 117928 guy making money from his kitchen table, wearing only his shorts?

Nowrepparttar 117929 playing field has changed. Now it isrepparttar 117930 Internet that offersrepparttar 117931 lazy way to riches.

Thousands of folks boughtrepparttar 117932 books, and failed to get rich. The Internet will also fail to deliverrepparttar 117933 expected riches to millions of hopefuls.

But if you learnrepparttar 117934 closely-held secrets of online success, YOU can be one ofrepparttar 117935 few who profit.

Well, that is what they would have you believe. Truth is,repparttar 117936 secrets are easy to discover. So easy that I will tell you some of them right now. And overrepparttar 117937 next few issues, I will uncover all that you need to know to really makerepparttar 117938 Internet work for you.

The Internet is a 24/7, 365 day shop, just bursting with customers. Actually, it is more like a giant Arts & Crafts fair. You've got to getrepparttar 117939 customer's attention, while thousands of other stalls are doingrepparttar 117940 same. Once you have attracted them, they look at your stall. If they like what they see, you getrepparttar 117941 chance to go into sales mode. At any time their attention can waver and you loserepparttar 117942 customer.

************** If you do catch them, and they like what they buy, and you were polite, helpful and courteous, then next timerepparttar 117943 fair is held, they will head straight for you. **************

The Internet is exactly like that.

The good news is that making money fromrepparttar 117944 Internet doesn't have to be a full time occupation. You can run a business in a few hours a day without risking your day job. Most ofrepparttar 117945 hard work can be automated, and there are hundreds of web sites offering free or very inexpensive software solutions for problems you don't even know you have got.

So why is it made to sound so difficult? There is a lot of technical jargon out there, and it gets inrepparttar 117946 way of developing a clear understanding of what you need to do. Once you have progressed alongrepparttar 117947 learning curve, everything gets a lot simpler, but inrepparttar 117948 initial stages, you just have to grit your teeth and read everything you can lay your hands on. Go to and type '"internet marketing" ebook' withoutrepparttar 117949 single quotes.

You will be presented with dozens, if not hundreds of free or 'for sale' ebooks. Buy some. Getrepparttar 117950 free ones and read, read, read.

There is no substitute for knowledge.

Here is a list of 6 questions that will lead you to decide how you can start making money with your own web site. It is not exhaustive: new ideas are being developed allrepparttar 117951 time, but it coversrepparttar 117952 bases:

> Do you want to sell hard products or digital products?

> Do you want to sell your own products, or someone else's?

> Do you want to concentrate on selling one product hard, or spread over a wide range of products?

> Do you want to accept payments online, or let other people deal withrepparttar 117953 money?

> Do you want to capture email addresses so that you can sell to them later?

> Do you want to run an affiliate program?

Let's look at these one at a time.

>>> Hard products, or digital products?

You can probably sell anything onrepparttar 117954 Internet. However, if you are looking to run a business in your spare time, digital information products arerepparttar 117955 easiest to handle. Why? Simply because there is no inventory to worry about, it is all in computer files on your hard disk. Also,repparttar 117956 products are delivered directly to your customer, instantly.

>>> Do you want to sell your own products, or someone else's?

Your own products can berepparttar 117957 most profitable. If you write an e-book and sell it for $25, who getsrepparttar 117958 $25? You do. All of it. Every last cent apart from a small commission torepparttar 117959 credit card company. 'But I can't write an e-book,' you say. Sure it can be difficult if you have not written anything before, and you may think you have nothing to say that people would pay good money for. You are wrong! You do have a book inside you. Almost everybody does.

Ken Evoy's outstanding book, written with Monique Harris, *Make Your Knowledge Sell!*, will open your eyes and get you writing anything from a four-page report to a full sized book.

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