How to Succeed with Yahoo!

Written by Ed Burnett

Without a doubt, Yahoo isrepparttar single most important directory onrepparttar 128206 Internet. Not only is Yahoorepparttar 128207 most popular portal onrepparttar 128208 Web, it is also one ofrepparttar 128209 few large Internet companies to actually turn a profit. Since a real Yahoo employee carefully reviews every submission, and each site must pass their stringent requirements, it is alsorepparttar 128210 hardest one to get listed in.

With their new Business Express program and a one-time-fee of $199, you are guaranteed a review of your site within 7 business days. In fact, all sites of a commercial nature are now required to submit their site through this service. However, your non-refundable payment of almost $200 up-front still does not guarantee that your site will be included inrepparttar 128211 directory. If your submission is rejected, you get to make one appeal for Yahoo to accept your site. Once it is rejectedrepparttar 128212 second time, Yahoo will never again accept further submissions of your site. So how does one succeed in getting listed with Yahoo?

1. First, make sure your site is not already included inrepparttar 128213 Yahoo directory. Do a search from their main site (or regional portal, if applicable) to determine if your company’s web site is already listed. If you are, you can request changes to your listing if you feel it is listed inappropriately. Submitting a site that is already inrepparttar 128214 directory is a good way to get ignored. Also note that Yahoo usesrepparttar 128215 Google search engine to searchrepparttar 128216 ‘net for sites if it doesn’t find any matches in it’s own directory. If your site isn’t listed under Yahoo Site Matches but shows up under Web Page Matches, then you’re probably not listed inrepparttar 128217 directory. This often tricks people into thinking that they are listed in Yahoo when they really aren’t.

2. Yahoo has strict requirements onrepparttar 128218 actual design of your site. Make sure your site is 100% completed, hosted on a reliable server, with no missing hyperlinks, broken images or ‘under construction’ pages. They also look for unique content and a descriptive page title. Don’t use a promotional blurb for your site’s title and description. Yahoo does not like hype, period. Rather, your title should have nothing more than your company’ s name and a brief description of your services or products.

Pay For Position Search Engines: A Source for Inexpensive, Targeted Traffic

Written by Simon J. Marcantonio

Pay for position search engines, also known as pay for rank or pay per click engines were pioneered just a few years ago by Inrepparttar beginning, was disregarded by many Internet experts who were confident that Webmasters would not choose to pay for a search engine position. At that time,repparttar 128205 assumption was valid, given that most popular search engines accepted new sites into their listings free of charge.

Several years later, however,repparttar 128206 Internet is a radically different place. Many big player search engines are struggling to break-even financially, their listings are populated with spam, which over time has forced many worthy Websites to accept low rankings or even to being banned for using one too many keywords onrepparttar 128207 wrong page.


The principle is simple -- you pay to be listed. To many Webmasters this seems a terrible proposition at first glance, however after further investigation, clients discover a flexible system that gives them far more control over their listings than was previously achievable.

To be listed at Goto you need to create an account, deposit an amount of your choosing (there is usually a minimum of $25) and create your listings. Listings consist of titles, descriptions, your Website address, keywords, and most importantly, a bid amount. The bid amount isrepparttar 128208 amount of money that will be deducted from your account every time a searcher at Goto clicks on your listing.

The amount you bid is usually determined byrepparttar 128209 amounts other Webmasters are bidding forrepparttar 128210 chosen keyword(s). So, ifrepparttar 128211 number one bid for 'health' is $0.90 then you would need to bid $0.91 to becomerepparttar 128212 top ranking site when someone searches for that keyword. You could also bid $0.89 and be listed in second place, which is still very effective.

==> Competition For Goto

The success of is a problem for Webmasters with a small advertising budget. The bid amount forrepparttar 128213 health keyword above is just one example. In reality, popular keywords on can fetch as much as $3 or $4 forrepparttar 128214 top spot. Enterrepparttar 128215 competition. Newer pay for position search engines such as Kanoodle and FindWhat have less traffic than Goto, but atrepparttar 128216 same timerepparttar 128217 cost of achieving a top listing is withinrepparttar 128218 reach of many Webmasters. The cost of being listed withinrepparttar 128219 top five positions at one of these newer engines can be reached by almost anyone.

==> Regional -- A New Marketplace

New, regional, pay for position search engines are emerging. Currently,repparttar 128220 United Kingdom with its large base of online users hasrepparttar 128221 most choice, with some regional engines offering to list national and international sites. The regional search engines are allowing international entrepreneurs access to markets that were previously difficult to reach -- giving a new lease on life to affiliate programs, content sites and other Web services.

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