How to Stop the Media Attack on Your Body

Written by Nancy Hill

I don't know about you, but I'm tired ofrepparttar ongoing message thatrepparttar 149760 natural, curvy, womanly body I was born into is unacceptable. I'm tired of being horrified when I hear that five-year old girls already criticize their bodies and think they need to lose weight. I'm tired ofrepparttar 149761 media forcing their limited, unattainable version of beauty on us.

The underweight beauty ideal of today is a complete invention ofrepparttar 149762 media machine. Nature never intended women to look like teenage boys with large breasts, butrepparttar 149763 relentless media depiction of this body type powerfully defines it asrepparttar 149764 ultimate in beauty.

Without starvation and plastic surgery, it's impossible for 99% of women to achieve this ideal. So we learn to dislike our naturally gorgeous bodies and try desperately to change them. The toxic body messages we are deluged with every day cause eating disorders and widespread unhappiness.

53% of 13 year-old girls and 80% of adult women spend every day disliking their bodies. It doesn't have to be this way. People naturally have all sorts of different body shapes and sizes. We don't have to letrepparttar 149765 media continue to define just one type of beauty asrepparttar 149766 ideal. We don't have to let them continue to ruin countless lives in their quest for more profits.

The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) Media Watchdog program is working to changerepparttar 149767 toxic media message. You can help by joiningrepparttar 149768 free program and monitoring magazines, television, and radio. Keep track of what you see then send your positive and negative findings to NEDA.

Every quarter they write at least one letter of praise or protest to companies on behalf ofrepparttar 149769 Watchdogs and postrepparttar 149770 results onrepparttar 149771 NEDA Media Watchdog website. Sincerepparttar 149772 inception ofrepparttar 149773 program in 1997, over halfrepparttar 149774 ads they protested have been discontinued.

Healthy Sex Prevents Illness

Written by Ruby Boyd

There are many positive correlations between love, sex and health. Being so, it has produced many questions.....

Have you wondered if an active sex life can truly alleviate pain?

Do sexually active people have fewer colds and bouts of flu?

Is it true that married people live longer than single or divorced people?

Can an active sex life help prevent disease and illnesses by strengthening our immune system?

I have these answers and more, read on....

An active sex life is both stimulating and rejuvenating torepparttar glandular system. When we make loverepparttar 149759 pituitary gland,repparttar 149760 thyroid gland,repparttar 149761 adrenal glands,repparttar 149762 prostate and testes in men, andrepparttar 149763 ovaries in women are thoroughly exercised.

The net result is that people in love look and feel better about themselves. Activation ofrepparttar 149764 sex center inrepparttar 149765 brain has health effects on other brain centers. Every cell inrepparttar 149766 body gets this message and is strengthened by it.

An active sex life strengthens our immune system. Scientists have comparedrepparttar 149767 nerve endings of happy, loving and sexually-fulfilled people with unhappy and sexually-unfulfilled people.

Apparently, large numbers of immune-system cells were gathered nearrepparttar 149768 nerve endings inrepparttar 149769 "happy" people. A similar microscopic exam of "unhappy" and depressed persons showed no such gathering of immune-system cells.

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