How to Stay Sane Working at Home!

Written by Michele Miller

Itís great working at home, being your own boss, but for some people itís not what they expected.

Iíve heard several people say they get lonely and miss being around work associates; others find it hard to stay disciplined, or they just find working at home boring. I personally donít find it to be any of those things myself and love working at home, but everybodyís different.

Some people are almost forced to work at home, such as disabled people, single moms that canít afford daycare, or donít want to put their children in daycare. For these people that didnít necessarily choose a home career it can be quite depressing.

For those that chose to work at home, and donít want to change that part of it, often times another problem arises. It can be called, ďwearing allrepparttar hats syndromeĒ. Not only do you run a business and play manager, employee, billing clerk, sales person, inventory manager, etc., with a home business, you might find yourself cleaningrepparttar 150710 house, taking care ofrepparttar 150711 kids, cooking meals, folding clothes, running errands, and paying bills, all during working hours. This problem tends to arise when there is no set work routine. It leaves one feeling overwhelmed on a daily basis.

To really enjoy a home business and keep yourself sane, itís necessary to establish business hours and a routine.

Itís best to get dressed every day at a reasonable hour, otherwise you findrepparttar 150712 whole dayís gone and youíre still in your night clothes. Itís great to be able to do that, itís just not good to do it. You can betrepparttar 150713 doorbell will ring onrepparttar 150714 days you slack off on this one!

It's Your Home Business - Will it Sink or Swim?

Written by Michele Miller

Businesses fail for many different reasons. Hereís what you should be thinking about so that your business is not one that sinks, but one that swims and stays afloat!

If youíre looking at a new business, make up a business plan, include your goals and financial projections. YOU need to know more than anyone where you are headed. Your business plan doesnít have to be drawn up by a professional business planner, you can do it yourself. Write downrepparttar hard costs of gettingrepparttar 150709 business started and maintained, including costs of licenses, equipment, inventory etc. Donít forget to include how much income you will need to be bringing in, or have saved up until you start to show a profit. Always have a Plan-B in place. Lack of planning will have your business sinking in no time at all.

Business owners are generally ďgo-gettersĒ, which means they are usually hard workers. Staying disciplined, even forrepparttar 150710 hard worker can be difficult at times, especially when there is no boss or supervisor around to crack that whip and make you do your work. Getting lazy and not being productive with your business is a surefire way to sink it.

Hereís some tips to keep you on track and keep your business afloat.

Daily ďto doĒ lists are constant reminders that keep you on track. They keep you motivated, and it feels good to cross things off as you get things done. You need to have a sense of accomplishment, and this helps serve that purpose.

Push your business to new heights every day by doing just a little bit more than you need to. This will ensure that it will SWIM.

Break up your day into segments; plan your day properly. Give yourself a proper work time schedule and try to stick with it. Even if you donít work 9-5 anymore, pretend you do. Having your own home business often means working more than eight hours a day to turn a profit. Be prepared for that. That way you will SWIM and not SINK.

Give yourself a proper lunch break. This will give you a routine and give you something to look forward to. Reward yourself for keeping up with your work. It will keep you positive and motivated.

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