How to Start a Flood of Subscribers in Five Days

Written by Thomas Holley

Ok, you have your own ezine, but you find yourself wondering where allrepparttar subscribers are. Or you have built up a few already, but canít help but think that it is taking too long.

Follow this simple plan and you will be amazed atrepparttar 124234 flood of subscribers that will start coming into your autoresponder.

Day One

Letís start with three proven techniques to explode your opt-in subscriber base.

1) Launch a Lead Factory ďpay-per-subscriberĒ campaign. This remark- able service will allow you to generate a flood of opt-in subscribers on autopilot! You will pay for this service, but it is a very good investment to multiply that subscriber base. You can set up your account within an hour at:

2) Launch a free Push Button Leads campaign. Itís free forrepparttar 124235 first 15 days and if you want to continue using it after that itís $20 a month. Use it forrepparttar 124236 15 days and you will know if it will be worth it to you to continue based onrepparttar 124237 number of subscribers you get from it.

3) Contact everyone in your address book and let them know about your new website and newsletter. Ask them to subscribe to your free newsletter and let you know what they think. If they like it, they can tell their friends and family about it too!

Ok, you are well on your way. Relax and take it easy. The real work starts overrepparttar 124238 next few days.

Day Two

Hope you had a good nightís sleep and are well rested. Letís get down to business and get back to building your subscriber list. Today, we will focus on a free and powerful method for gettingrepparttar 124239 word out about your newsletter Ė submitting to ezine directories.

You will be accomplishing several things with this technique:

1) You will establish links to your ezine on some ofrepparttar 124240 top sites onrepparttar 124241 internet. 2) Many directories will ask for your URL to post on their site which could ultimately improve your search engine rating. 3) Subscribers! Letís not forget our goal. We want more subscribers!

Devote this day to submitting your newsletter to as many ezine directories as you possibly can. Here is a list of some ofrepparttar 124242 top ezine directories onrepparttar 124243 net to get you started.

After you are finished submitting your ezine to these directories, do a search on for ďezine directoriesĒ and keep going! Try to submit to 100 or more!

Hint: Jason Potash has a great software called EzineAnnouncer that automates this tedious process of ezine submissions. EzineAnnouncer comes pre-loaded with over 100 ezine directories. You can download a free trial version of this software at:

Congratulations! You are well on your way. We arenít through yet, though. See you tomorrow.

Day Three

Today we will start with another free and powerful technique: Announcement Lists!

Announcement Lists are mailing lists that are dedicated to announcing new ezines on a daily bases and are extremely powerful and haverepparttar 124244 potential of flooding your autoresponder with subscription requests.

Send a blank e-mail torepparttar 124245 a few Announcement Lists so you can see how it works and start submitting you own ezine. Here are a few to get you started:


Written by Oluwafisayo Akinlolu

One challengerepparttar ezine publisher faces isrepparttar 124233 creation of good content. Every issue must contain something of interest, something useful torepparttar 124234 reader. Here are ten tips which will help you chooserepparttar 124235 right article to feature in your ezine weekly.


Ask your readers what they love most and what they dislike. Give a bonus for answers you receive. You can decide to give a bonus torepparttar 124236 first 50 to tell you what you want. This is an effective way to know what article to feature.


Write articles and use article announce groups to publicize your new articles. Make it clear in your article that it may be published freely. Those who publishrepparttar 124237 article will send you a courtesy reply.

Articles that get published by great numbers of people are good. Simply use them in your ezine. Remember to add a little more spice to them.


Tastes and values change progressively with time. You should also follow trend. Constantly look out for what is new. While retainingrepparttar 124238 focus of your ezine, add dynamism by following trend.

Use articles that provide dynamism.


Discussion forums are helpful in helping you chooserepparttar 124239 right article for your ezine each week. Visit these forums and watchrepparttar 124240 questions asked. Watch alsorepparttar 124241 answers posted. You will be able to determine what topics are hot.

Go out, search for articles on these topics or write on them and you will have great content.


Articles that you publish must harmonize with your ezine content for each issue. So shouldrepparttar 124242 title. There should also be harmony withrepparttar 124243 ads you place.

Ifrepparttar 124244 focus of your article forrepparttar 124245 week is how to turn prospects into customers, an ad selling cleaning agents would not be effective.

Work onrepparttar 124246 harmony of your content. Choose articles that go along with every other thing.


Articles that tell "how" have an effect on readers. It puts them in a mood that will get you really started. I must say it aloud. The reason why you are giving content is to make sales.

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