How to Start a Conversation With a Woman

Written by John Alexander

Last week I hadrepparttar easiest pick up and lay in my life, and it all started with me walking by a random girl and saying (using a clear, resonating voice and disinterested, but relaxed and sexual body language), "Hey."

She looked up, expecting me to say something interesting.

My follow-up was simply, "Do you know whererepparttar 140807 smoothie place is? I'm inrepparttar 140808 mood for a smoothie."

After that, she keptrepparttar 140809 conversation going. Simple, right?

Here wasrepparttar 140810 key: I always made sure that she was reacting to me more than I was reacting to her.

When I first started speaking to her, I frankly couldn't care less about what she thought of me.

My mindset was, "I'm just going through my day. But hey, if some hot chick wants to earn my attention, that's cool. If not, I'm going to enjoy my day justrepparttar 140811 same."

I've coached a lot of guys, andrepparttar 140812 mistake I most often see a guy make when he opens a conversation with a girl is that he tries to get a response from her.

Maybe he tries too hard to make her laugh. Or he starts asking her weird questions that he shouldn't be interested in when speaking to a total stranger (e.g., "What's you major?" or "How has your day been today?")

This sets her up with a higher value than him.

You see, whenever you set a girl up with a higher value than you (like when you're trying to win her approval), this causes her to lose attraction for you.

Using The 'Fated Encounter' For First Date Seduction Success

Written by John Alexander

Wouldn't it be nice if you could create feelings within a woman of a deep connection with you... even if you two have known each other for only a few hours... and without having to resort to complicated (and risky!) hypnosis tactics?

Well, good news. There is a very easy, no-risk way to do this. I call itrepparttar Fated Encounter Technique.

Here's why it works. Every woman has a fantasy fromrepparttar 140806 time she was a little girl, triggered by a constant diet of romance movies and novels, about fate bringingrepparttar 140807 man of her dreams to her.

In one typical scenerepparttar 140808 guy andrepparttar 140809 girl almost bump into each other onrepparttar 140810 sidewalk. Instead, fate keeps them apart, and they go their separate ways.

Then, two years later, they live inrepparttar 140811 same apartment building. Yet after several close calls, they still don't meet, again because of fate.

The two date other people, off and on, and yet are never happy. Months go by. The man andrepparttar 140812 woman each ponder what it will be like when they meet that special someone, someday...

And then nearrepparttar 140813 end ofrepparttar 140814 movie, fate finally brings them together. And of course they hit it off right fromrepparttar 140815 start.

Wouldn't it be nice if that could happen in real life, rather than having to wait through several dates beforerepparttar 140816 woman finally feels comfortable enough with you to have sex?

Well, it can. You can speedrepparttar 140817 seduction process and haverepparttar 140818 woman feeling deeply connected with you by using my Fated Encounter Technique. I'll explain how it works.

Duringrepparttar 140819 course of your conversation withrepparttar 140820 woman, you bring up places she has been to. If you've been to those same places, you then talk about how amazing it is thatrepparttar 140821 two of you could have been there atrepparttar 140822 same time and yet destiny kept you apart.

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