How to Start a Business on the Internet

Written by Darrell Knox

So you want to start a business? Good for you. Really, I mean that sincerely. I think aboutrepparttar millions of people that let repparttar 116859 thought pass briefly through their minds on he way to work everyday.

The vas majority of people merely toy withrepparttar 116860 idea at points in their lives when they hate their bosses or their pay or their lack of vacation time. You, onrepparttar 116861 other hand, are investigating what it takes o start a business. At least you are going to find repparttar 116862 answers here and stop wasting time wondering "what if."

It is very easy to start a business if you do it onrepparttar 116863 internet. You have little overhead involved, no rent, not even products to stock (if you sell electronic goods)!

What's more, there are literally thousands of people marketing other peoples' products as "affiliates." You can literally start a business using other peoples' stock, property, know-how, services, and goods.

I know people who are making astounding amounts of money monthly just selling products that don't even belong to them. I would tell you figures, but you'd never in a million years believe me.

How creative can you be? Well, here's a little story of a guy who started a business online in one ofrepparttar 116864 most unusual ways I have heard of in a long time.

You rememberrepparttar 116865 deck of cards thatrepparttar 116866 U.S. government created withrepparttar 116867 top 50 most wanted terrorists? Saddam Hussein wasrepparttar 116868 Ace of Spades, if you recall.

How To Increase traffic and get a better rank on Google

Written by Tony Farrell

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How To Increase traffic and get a better rank on Google

By Tony Farrell (c) Copyright 2004

You have a business you want to promote. Youíre looking for more traffic to your web site. But, how do you get that traffic and how do you get it for nothing?

Hereís a technique I use to increase web site traffic and get a better rank on Google. But, you need your own web site first. This wonít work for your otherwise.

Having said that, even if you donít own a web site you should follow some ofrepparttar 116859 steps here. The reason will become very clear nearerrepparttar 116860 end of this email.

What you are doing is researching for sites with a Google page rank of at least 4 and upwards that are relevant torepparttar 116861 content of your site. Then link with them and have them link back to you.

To do this set up another page on your site forrepparttar 116862 purpose of including good quality links from other relevant sites.

Here's how to do it...

1. Download Alexa Toolbar and install it on your computer. Get it here:

2. Download Goole Toolbar and install it on your computer. Get it here: http:/

3. Create a "Spreadsheet" using "Excel" and create a colum for each ofrepparttar 116863 following...

URL, Contact Email, Owner's Name, Alexa Link Popularity, Google Rank, Contact 1, Contact 2, Contact 3, Link Accepted.

4. Go to Google Search Engine and key in a relevant keyword to your niche site.

5. Whenrepparttar 116864 results come up, go to each site (includingrepparttar 116865 Google Ads that may come along with it)

6. Upon arriving at each siterepparttar 116866 first thing to check for isrepparttar 116867 Alexa Traffic Rank that shows up on your Alexa Toolbar. Aim for a traffic rank of 100,000 or less. Anything more than 100,000 leaverepparttar 116868 site and look for another one.

7. Next, look forrepparttar 116869 Google Page Rank. Aim for a PR (Page Rank) of "4" or more. Less than this leaverepparttar 116870 site and look for another one.

8. If you are happy withrepparttar 116871 Page Rank on Google andrepparttar 116872 Traffic Rank on Alexa, then place all relevant details onrepparttar 116873 spreadsheet you've created. Then move ontorepparttar 116874 next site.

9. Do this until you are satisfied withrepparttar 116875 number of possible contacts. You probably should aim to get 5 - 10 sites a day. Keep this up until you have reachedrepparttar 116876 desired number of links you want on your page.

10. Set up a page on your own site and call it something like "Partner Links".

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