How to Start a Bankruptcy Forms Processing Service

Written by Victoria Ring

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How to Start a Bankruptcy Forms Processing Service

Work at home for bankruptcy attorneys nationwide. Documents are filed electronically online. Attorneys save money and drastically reduce their overhead expenses.

The majority of bankruptcy courts nationwide now require all documents to be filed electronically in PDF format. This has opened up an exciting opportunity for professionals to work from their home and draft Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions for attorneys acrossrepparttar United States. The average consumer bankruptcy attorney operates on a very tight budget. Providing him or her with your service will not only lower their overhead costs but maintain consistency in their document preparation procedures.

A typical bankruptcy forms processing business might operate like this:

1. Client downloads or is emailed a set of Client Intake Forms in PDF format to print and fill out inrepparttar 119280 comfort of their own home.

2. Client will fax or email their completed forms torepparttar 119281 attorney for review. Ifrepparttar 119282 attorney decides to acceptrepparttar 119283 bankruptcy case,repparttar 119284 forms processor begins draftingrepparttar 119285 bankruptcy petition fromrepparttar 119286 information provided onrepparttar 119287 Client Intake Forms.

3. Areas ofrepparttar 119288 Client Intake Forms that are not properly completed byrepparttar 119289 client or containing statements that require a more detailed answer would easily be solved with a simple phone call torepparttar 119290 client to obtainrepparttar 119291 missing information. No face-to-face appointment would be necessary.

4. Afterrepparttar 119292 drafting ofrepparttar 119293 bankruptcy petition,repparttar 119294 forms processor savesrepparttar 119295 document in PDF format and sends it torepparttar 119296 attorney as an attachment on an email.

5. At this pointrepparttar 119297 attorney may wish to meet withrepparttar 119298 clients to review their bankruptcy petition before filingrepparttar 119299 petition, but it is not absolutely necessary.

Note: Electronically filed documents do not requirerepparttar 119300 client’s handwritten signature so it is not necessary forrepparttar 119301 attorney to meetrepparttar 119302 clients face-to-face before filingrepparttar 119303 bankruptcy petition. An attorney is provided with an electronic signature byrepparttar 119304 court that he or she uses for electronic filing purposes.

6. Afterrepparttar 119305 attorney receivesrepparttar 119306 bankruptcy petition by email fromrepparttar 119307 forms processor, he or she will save it on their computer underrepparttar 119308 client file name and beginrepparttar 119309 review. The attorney can either print outrepparttar 119310 bankruptcy petition and make changes with an ink pen, or review it onrepparttar 119311 computer screen and note any changes in an email torepparttar 119312 forms processor.

The Prenuptial Agreement Dilemma

Written by Jeffrey Broobin

Should we have a prenuptial agreement?

OK. You can look atrepparttar idea as very cold and unromantic. You can look atrepparttar 119279 idea as a considerate and practical way to decide beforerepparttar 119280 marriage certain issues having to do with your money.

It is interesting to note thatrepparttar 119281 custom of creating prenuptial agreements is notrepparttar 119282 modern invention that it seems to be. Duringrepparttar 119283 19th century, beforerepparttar 119284 Married Women's Property Act of 1848, prenuptial agreements were necessary for women inrepparttar 119285 United States. Untilrepparttar 119286 act became law, everything a woman owned or inherited was transferred to her husband. If he died or divorced her, she was just out of luck.

Nowadays it is not so uncommon to execute prenuptial agreements. And these are not just forrepparttar 119287 famous super-rich couples we read about, where one spouse is much richer thanrepparttar 119288 other. These are couples who want to be upfront about financial issues and get that out ofrepparttar 119289 way beforerepparttar 119290 wedding.

A Prenuptial Agreement is a signed and notarized contract that describes how a couple will handlerepparttar 119291 financial aspects of their marriage. The prenuptial agreement has many positive benefits that are not related to divorce, and although it is not very romantic, it has many positive elements.

• If a future spouse won't sign a prenuptial agreement, it may be best to discover this beforerepparttar 119292 wedding. The financial well-being of children from a previous marriage can be protected • Personal and business assets accumulated beforerepparttar 119293 marriage are protected by a prenuptial agreement. • A prenuptial agreement reveals financial expectations beforerepparttar 119294 wedding. • A prenuptial agreement discloses assets a spouse may want to give to children or other family members inrepparttar 119295 event of death. • Inrepparttar 119296 event of a divorce,repparttar 119297 prenup eliminates battles over assets and finances. • Signing a prenup does not mean that a couple is anticipating divorce. • Prenups address financial matters need to be faced. • A well-constructed prenuptial agreement can preserve family ties and inheritance.

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