How to Start Your Own Mailing List

Written by Joanne King

I remember reading time and time again when I first begun my Internet Marketing adventure that a mailing list was one of “the” best ways to generate larger amounts of money online. So I wasted no time in implementing a mailing list for my businesses. Or business (to start with).

There are a few ways you can implement this idea into your own business.

You can do it by free simply by setting up a few email addresses. Calling one of them subscribe for example: and place it on your website as a hyperlink and let your visitors know they can sign on to your newsletter by sending a blank email to that address. (If you know a little about making websites then you can add boxes and have it auto submit to your web address for better presentation and more simplicity and ease for your visitors to subscribe).

Then you will need to set up a remove address for example: This is vital that you give your subscribers and option to opt out anytime that they want, otherwise you could be facing a lot of angry people that won’t mind displaying torepparttar big wide web exactly what they think of your business (which can almost destroy you), or complain torepparttar 141927 higher up places and land you in deep do-do.

Will RSS Replace Email?

Written by Kent Thompson

RSS is a big buzz word right now, and this question has been popping up all overrepparttar place.

Will RSS ever replace email?

In short,repparttar 141891 answer is no.

RSS will never totally replace email because they each do totally different things.

RSS was designed for a totally different purpose than email, and technologically speaking, it would be impossible for RSS to do everything email can.

Consider this analogy: RSS and Email are like TV and telephone.

If you want to reach a broad audience of spectators, you userepparttar 141892 TV or RSS. Consumers like TV because they holdrepparttar 141893 remote and can changerepparttar 141894 channel at will. They have total control. Likewise they can an RSS feed at any time if they so choose, and instantlyrepparttar 141895 source of information is totally gone, never to return againstrepparttar 141896 person's will.

Email is likerepparttar 141897 telephone: You can email or call anyone based on their phone number or email address, and they can call you or email you back. Consumers like email andrepparttar 141898 telephone because ofrepparttar 141899 two-way communication. But withrepparttar 141900 two-way communication comesrepparttar 141901 possiblity of having annoying telemarketers and spammers along with it. And boy do they come!

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