How to Spellbind your Prospects in 10 Seconds!

Written by Jaruda Boonsuwan

You've got yourself 10 seconds to HOOK your prospects or LOSE them!

If you can't make them interested in 10 seconds, there's a good chance you'll lose them forever. So, you'd better shoot it right and "grab" their attention -- fast -- if you don't want them to go to your competitors!

And how do you do this?

**Just write HARD-TO-RESIST headlines!

It works just like dating online. There are hundreds and even thousands of your potential dates floating onrepparttar net, waiting for you to pick for your Saturday dinner. You can't date them all at once. And you can't just read all of their ads either!

So what would you do?

IF YOU WERE A GUY, which lady would you "pick", and which one would you "pass" -- just by reading what they say in their headlines?

2 ladies post their photos, both looking like Jennifer Lopez. Which lady would you ask out?

Betweenrepparttar 125020 one that says "28 single latin lady, looking for a kind and sincere gentleman!"

Andrepparttar 125021 one that says "Dance salsa with me, and you'll know I was born to surprise you!"

Wow!! I don't know about you, but I CERTAINLY like surprises!

NOW IF YOU WERE A LADY, which guy would you choose to go out with?

2 guys post their photos, both looking like Brad Pitt. Which guy would you pick and which would you pass?

Between a guy who says "A friendly, outgoing guy looking for a short-term relationship".

And a guy who says "If you let me, I'll make sure you get lost in my blue eyes as I sing to you".

Whoa!! This guy definitely knows how to turnrepparttar 125022 ladies' heads. He knows how to use romance and passion as his "secret weapons".

Seerepparttar 125023 TEMPTING power of headlines??

Now it's time for you to SEDUCE your prospects! Remember, you've got 10 seconds!!

DON'T berepparttar 125024 "Single Latin Lady". Rather, BE "The One to Surprise You"!!

DON'T berepparttar 125025 "Fun-Loving Guy". Rather, BE "The Blue-Eyed Who Can Sing"!!

You'll be surprised how easy it is to get allrepparttar 125026 attention you want from your prospects and make explosive sales!

I'm going to make this really easy for you...

Here isrepparttar 125027 list of 111 READY-TO-COPY words I make exclusively for you. Make sure you include them in your emails as they will easily turn casual visitors into eager-to-pay buyers!

1. Use verbs that TURN THEIR HEADS

"unveil, discover, steal, kidnap, explode, shoot, skyrocket, blow, hypnotize, grab, surprise, reveal, expose, spin, increase, generate, stop, turbocharge, supercharge, launch, fire, boost, spark, reverse, bust, hide, arm, jump-start, score, hit, spill, spell, outsell, outsmart, skykick, burn, avoid"

The Most Deadly-Effective Trick of Online Marketing that Hypnotizes People to Flash out Their Credit Cards Instantly!

Written by Jaruda Boonsuwan

I just finished reading another sales copy ending withrepparttar Deadline Marketing!

And it'srepparttar 125019 sixth I see today saying "If you order by midnight, blah blah blah...."

I'm sure you've seen it. And I'm sure you're getting (if not very) a little bored.

The deadline trick has proven itself to be overwhelmingly successful. It's a deadly-effective "countdown trigger" that pushes reluctant people to ACT atrepparttar 125020 scene.

BUT right nowrepparttar 125021 Internet is getting OVERCROWDED with sales letters that try to lure you in withrepparttar 125022 deadlines.

And now what happens is when prospects get to witness this technique too often, they learn to catch up. They learn NOT to buy it!

So be "extra careful". It's been OVERUSED!! Imagine how your prospects will feel when they come across your website and see that your sales copy is not different from others. Imagine yourself in their shoes!

What's WORSE is not keepingrepparttar 125023 deadlines...

A lot of marketers specifically userepparttar 125024 deadlines to explode their sales faster. And their sales letters are forever like that....withrepparttar 125025 NEVER-ending deadlines. So prospects can't help but lose faith inrepparttar 125026 deadlines.

You could easily risk losing your credibility from your prospects, if they check up on your site again and still findrepparttar 125027 same "midnight deadline" technique.

This is critical. If you userepparttar 125028 deadline, make sure you keep it. When you sayrepparttar 125029 promotion is ending as soon asrepparttar 125030 clock "strikes at twelve", prove that you really MEAN it!

Once your prospects see thatrepparttar 125031 discount really ends like you said it would, they'll regret not having bought from you earlier.

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