How to Sound Like the Expert You Are

Written by Dina Giolitto

You, too, can become a recognized expert in your specialized field. How? By writing articles that get published onrepparttar internet! Millions of people are gobbling up internet articles right now. I'm one of them.

Other people's articles interest me for two major reasons. 1. I'm a copywriter, so I use them as an information resource to write my own articles. 2. I market my writing services onrepparttar 138432 internet, so I'm always seeking out exciting new business relationships. Articles speak volumes about an author's intelligence and integrity. If I like what you write, I may do business with you as well as pass your good name along to others who can use what you offer.

Some articles meet my criteria for being "expert-level," and others don't. Trust me, I'm notrepparttar 138433 only one out there who's judging. Position your articles atrepparttar 138434 top of your category and increase your credibility a thousandfold! Read on for some helpful article-writing tips.

1. Userepparttar 138435 active voice. Move your audience to action with action words. This means eliminating forms ofrepparttar 138436 verb "to be" in all their wishy-washiness. Is, am, are, was, were: these sad excuses for verbs will weaken your message and put your audience right to sleep. Replace them wherever possible with action verbs, and make your message pop!

2. Directrepparttar 138437 reader. Lately I've come across articles whererepparttar 138438 author tellsrepparttar 138439 reader what they 'could' do. What a lame way to offer advice! Which of these sentences motivates you: "You could start your own affiliate program" or "Start your own affiliate program"? People want to be told what to do; not what they can, could, should or might do. Take a firm stand, and give your reader a direction to go in!

3. Be specific. Want to knowrepparttar 138440 quickest way to lose your reader? Give them a broad topic and then don't follow it with any details. I speak on behalf of allrepparttar 138441 information-seekers when I say this: if you have valuable insights to share, then please take care to explain them fully. You don't have to go on for paragraphs. Just a few gems of wisdom are greatly appreciated, and will establish you as someone who really knows his stuff. If you're hazy on how to do this, always ask yourselfrepparttar 138442 who, what, when, where, how and why ofrepparttar 138443 topic at hand.

How to Choose a Satellite Provider - Part I

Written by Gary Davis

Choosing a Satellite TV Provider

By Gary Davis

Webmasters: You may reprint this article in its entirety, providing you leaverepparttar Byline and Aboutrepparttar 138383 Author sections intact, includingrepparttar 138384 links to Dish Network Satellite TV.

Family Watching Satellite TV The satellite tv industry has made huge gains onrepparttar 138385 cable tv industry inrepparttar 138386 past several years. Withrepparttar 138387 price of cable tv skyrocketing every year, many cable subscribers are makingrepparttar 138388 switch over to satellite tv. Okay so you've decided to switch to satellite tv; but which satellite tv provider do you choose? A satellite tv provider is a company that owns and operates satellites in geostationary orbit aroundrepparttar 138389 earth. These satellites broadcastrepparttar 138390 satellite signal down to your satellite dish and from theirrepparttar 138391 signal is transferred to your receiver (black box). The two largest satellite tv providers inrepparttar 138392 United Sates are DirecTV and DISH Network. The vast majority of satellite tv subscribers inrepparttar 138393 United States use one orrepparttar 138394 other so this article will concentrate on comparingrepparttar 138395 two satellite giants in an attempt to help you decide which ofrepparttar 138396 two is best foryou.

Withrepparttar 138397 almost exponential growth ofrepparttar 138398 satellite tv industry, both DISH Network and DirecTV are now in a position where they can afford to offerrepparttar 138399 satellite equipment (dish and receivers) free to their subscribers. So for starters both DISH Network and DirecTV offer free satellite equiipment. Basicallyrepparttar 138400 only qualifiers are that you be a first time subscriber and that you have a credit card for monthly billing purposes. So ifrepparttar 138401 equipment is free how dorepparttar 138402 two providers make any money? Well, you do have to pay forrepparttar 138403 monthly programming of course. The price of your monthly programming bill depends on which programming package you choose.

DISH Network's America Top 60 programmng package starts at $24.99 per month and local channels are available. DISH Network presently is not making new subscribers commit to a one year contract. You can end your subscription at any time with no financial penalty to pay. DirecTV's entry level programming package is calledrepparttar 138404 Total Choice package and comes with local channels and is $39.99 per month. Withrepparttar 138405 Total Choice package you get over 130 channels. DirecTV does require you to sign a one year subscription agreement. If you cancel your service beforerepparttar 138406 year is up, then you have to pay a penalty fee to DirecTV.

As both satellite giants userepparttar 138407 very lates technology in their satellites and receiving equipment, what differentiatesrepparttar 138408 two is inrepparttar 138409 programming options that they provide to their subscribers. I would rate DirecTV somewhat ahead ofrepparttar 138410 DISH Network in their sports packages, as they offer seasonal sports options likerepparttar 138411 N.F.L. Sunday Ticket that DirecTV has exclusive rights to. Both providers offer tons of premium movie packages to choose from including HBO, Showtime, Starz and Cinemax. All these come with multiple channels per movie package. As DISH Network has more satellites in orbit than DirecTV does they haverepparttar 138412 capacity to offer up to 500 viewing channels, whereas with DirecTV, you can 'only' get 250 channels. Also, DISH Network offers alot more foreign programming packages than DirecTV does.

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