How to Shop for Satellite TV Receivers and Dishes

Written by Sarah Gustafson

Letís face it, Internet readers, most of us are guys. And as red-blooded American guys, we all have menís desires, menís needs. Donít play coy. You know what Iím talking about. We want it faster, more creative, more imaginative, and not to put too fine a point on it, slimmer. We know weíll have to pay for it eventuallyówe always doóbut weíd rather not breakrepparttar bank just for a little nighttime fun. Thereís a wide variety out there to choose from, so point us inrepparttar 148723 right direction and weíll happily engage inrepparttar 148724 hunt. But why do they make us work so hard to get it? Sure, weíre tech-savvy geeks, even nerds, but does that mean everything has to be some huge intellectual puzzle? Is there a way to make these people give uprepparttar 148725 goods with a bare minimum of confusion? Iím talking, of course, about home consumer electronics, specifically satellite television systems.

Look, Iím sorry if I led you on, but I hope Iíve provided a more interesting introduction torepparttar 148726 world of home satellite equipment than most industry vendors have. Take a look, for exampleóif you dareóat, a one-stop Internet shopping point for satellite TV. A recent search turned uprepparttar 148727 following entries:

DIRECTV DVR80 3-Room 70 Hour DIRECTV DVR Satellite TV System w/ TiVo (1) DVR80 (2) D10 with Standard Dish, Multi-Switch & Standard Installation

DIRECTV DVR80 3-Room 70 Hour DIRECTV DVR Satellite TV System w/ TiVo (1) DVR80 (2) D10 with Triple LNB Dish & Standard Installation

DIRECTV 3-Room 70 Hour DIRECTV DVR System w/ TiVo (2) TiVo Receivers (1) Hughes Director Receiver with Standard Dish, Multi-Switch & Standard Installation

DIRECTV 3-Room System (1) HR10-250 200 Hour (STD) 35 Hour (HDTV) DIRECTV High Definition DVR w/ TiVo (2) DIRECTV Receiver System with Triple LNB Dish & Standard Installation

A little help here? Those ads are about as welcoming as a brick wall, and they present us with more acronyms thanrepparttar 148728 U.S. military. For pure reading pleasure, they rank somewhere between Finnegans Wake andrepparttar 148729 book of Leviticus. Am I buying satellite TV service, or naming robots for science fantasy sequels?

Relax, Luke Skywalker. Scanning through orbital space may not be like dusting crops, but weíll work our way through this thing together. Letís start withrepparttar 148730 first ad.

DIRECTV DVR80 3-Room 70 Hour DIRECTV DVR Satellite TV System w/ TiVo (1) DVR80 (2) D10 with Standard Dish, Multi-Switch & Standard Installation

Okay, first things first. DirecTV is a national satellite TV subscription service owned by Hughes Electronics and, in large part, Fox Entertainment. In order to watch DirecTV programming, one must first by a dish to collectrepparttar 148731 signals beamed to Earth byrepparttar 148732 satellite. Then one must buy a set-top box to decode those signals. Lastly, one must have a TV of some kind to displayrepparttar 148733 imagery represented by those signals. The first ad is trying to sell us a hardware package thatíll allow us to watch DirecTV, but it adds a few nifty bells and whistles. For example, this package includes another device called a DVR80. And what exactly is that? It looks like a license plate.

Good guess! No, a DVR80 is a brand of receiver manufactured and sold by RCA. To be more precise, it receives DirecTV signals as well as TiVo interactions. TiVo is a kind of DVR, or Digital Video Recorder, manufactured byrepparttar 148734 TiVo company. A Digital Video Recorder does exactly what it claims to do: It records video, not on tape as a VHS video recorder would, but as digital data in a dedicated hard drive. The DVR80 is capable of recording up to seventy hours of digital material, just as promised obliquely inrepparttar 148735 ad. Whatrepparttar 148736 ad doesnít make clear is thatrepparttar 148737 amount of materialrepparttar 148738 hard drive can store depends on how detailedrepparttar 148739 information is. Just as a VHS tape can hold anywhere from two to six hours of material, depending onrepparttar 148740 image quality, so do DVR image recordings suffer when recorded atrepparttar 148741 seventy-hour setting. The DVR80 has Dolby Digital sound capability and comes with a universal infrared remote control. When sold separately, it retails for anywhere between $100 and $150.

The comparison to VHS tends to minimize what TiVo can do. The hardware and allows for instant replays of live TV, plusrepparttar 148742 ability to skip through commercials while a program is airing. The Season Pass feature tracksrepparttar 148743 userís favorite shows, even if they change network time slots, and records them each week automatically. Itís even capable of predicting which unfamiliar showsrepparttar 148744 user might like, based on his or her previous recordings. Simply put, TiVo is neato.

Your budget and taste for gadgets will you determine what type of cell phone accessories you need

Written by Syd Johnson

There are many items that you can purchase to increase your cell phone use and satisfaction. Here is a short list ofrepparttar must-haves with a few recommendations on where to find many more accessories for sale.

Usually, an earpiece or headset, long lasting batteries and a car charger are provided at a discount when you purchase your phone. If you plan to replace these items, make sure that your new accessories are compatible with your brand of phones. A cell phone is a small, but sensitive item. If you try to attachrepparttar 148579 wrong equipment, you'll need to use your warranty a lot sooner than you think.


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