How to Share Your Home Office with a Sick Child

Written by Donna Schwartz Mills

Monday rolled around and I was ready to go. I showered early, fired uprepparttar computer and pulled in all my email before my daughter's alarm went off at 7:00 a.m. As I was making her breakfast, my thoughts were focused on allrepparttar 117762 work I was going to accomplish that week. Then she stumbled intorepparttar 117763 kitchen with her announcement:

"Mommy, I don't feel too good."

Sure enough, she was running a slight fever. There was no way she could go to school that day - and my game plan forrepparttar 117764 week was going to have to be changed.

For me,repparttar 117765 biggest benefit of becoming a work at home mom isrepparttar 117766 ability to take a sick kid in stride. With no boss to answer to, or co-workers to feel guilty about - and my office right here in my home - a little fever is no longer a reason to declare marital war (as it was inrepparttar 117767 bad old days when my husband and I fought over which one was going to stay home this time).

However, work at home parents do have to make adjustments when their kids take a sick day - and during flu and cold season, there could be a lot of those - especially if you have more than one child and they catchrepparttar 117768 bug serially.

You know it's going to happen - so you need to be prepared:

* Got cold medication? Check your supply of children's pain relievers (i.e., Tylenol, Motrin, etc.) Buy lots of it before flu season starts. You'll know it's time when you seerepparttar 117769 coupons inrepparttar 117770 Sunday paper. Either use them - or take that as your cue to buy in bulk at your favorite warehouse store.

Many pediatricians advise against giving multi-symptom cold medications (you know -repparttar 117771 ones that promise to lower a fever, relieve a stuffy nose *and* suppress a cough). Ask your doctor his or her recommendation for your children at their annual checkups, including correct dosages (which will change as they grow). Write it down and keep it with your stash of medicine. You won't believe how easy it is to forget this months later when you actually need it!

* You probably already keeprepparttar 117772 fridge stocked with snack foods your kids can get for themselves (it does not take a work at home parent long to realize that this is essential with children around!) You may need to supplement your pantry with additional comfort foods. If they are old enough to stay home alone while you go shopping, do it as soon as possible. Make sure you include a variety of juices -- as repparttar 117773 doctors say, their sick little bodies need plenty of fluids.

If your kids are little - and you are unlucky enough to haverepparttar 117774 bug hit whenrepparttar 117775 cupboard is bare - you may need outside help. This is a good time for a neighbor or friend to repay a kindness and pick up a few things atrepparttar 117776 store. And instead of taking time from work to make lunch, you all might enjoy having a pizza delivered.

This is when I used to rely onrepparttar 117777 late, lamented Webvan to bring some groceries. Although that big flashy online grocery service died spectacularly last year, you may still be able to find one that will deliver to your home. A quick look on a search engine turned up these:

The Beginner's Guide to Home Business Marketing

Written by Lisa Lake

Hello again, Lisa Lake here with more tips forrepparttar beginning home businessperson. As you may know from my past articles, after raising my kids I went back intorepparttar 117761 work force, and I faced down several challenges. I'm a non-traditional businessperson, and I had to learnrepparttar 117762 systemrepparttar 117763 hard way. I didn't have a business degree, and I didn't haverepparttar 117764 years of experience my co-workers did, but, being a reasonably intelligent person and a hard worker, after only a glitch or two I found myself really succeeding.

Well, after a few years of commuting, I found I really missedrepparttar 117765 freedom of being at home, so I decided to go into business for myself. I was not so surprised to find that I now was facing a whole new set of challenges. Working at a corporation I just had to show up and be good atrepparttar 117766 job I was hired to do. Working at home I soon discovered that I had to be an expert at everything, especially marketing. When you're in business for yourself, you've got to have a way of bringing customers to your business. After a few months of trying different approaches, I learned thatrepparttar 117767 best way to market, at least for my business, is onrepparttar 117768 web. I've streamlined my best web marketing ideas into what I call my 1-2-3 program, and I'd like to share it with you. Here they are.

1. Get a great web site. Business is seldom done overrepparttar 117769 phone these days. It's all web based, and having a great web site is crucial, because it'srepparttar 117770 first impressionrepparttar 117771 customer has of you. If your website isn't professional, people will just move on, won't they? There are several cheap and even free website services onrepparttar 117772 web. Just do a search and pickrepparttar 117773 one that works best for you. You can pick decor and font and all kinds of stuff to make your site seem more like you.

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