How to Sell High Tech Solutions

Written by Amy Fox

How to Sell to High Tech Solutions by Amy Fox, President, Accelerated Business Results

Many companies are looking to improve uponrepparttar speed, security, and accessibility of business technologies, especially satellite and broadband connections torepparttar 127188 internet. While customers are becoming more savvy, many don’t speak ‘tech-ese,’ and they still are baffled by terms such as routers, IPSEC, T-1s, WIFI, and broadband. While these buyers may have a genuine interest and need forrepparttar 127189 products they investigate, more often than not their sales experience ends up a frustrating and confusing one.

Don't Talk Tech! Salespeople are often caught inrepparttar 127190 hype for their own products. It’s easy to lose touch with a client’s perspective with this approach. The other major blunder a tech salesperson may make is their need to be perceived as experts in their field. Talking tech torepparttar 127191 point of no return does not usually yield a promising sale. How does one handlerepparttar 127192 tendency in tech sales to “show up and throw up?” It is critical to address ineffective sales approaches inrepparttar 127193 tech market, because these mistakes are oftenrepparttar 127194 most significant barriers to high performance.

Communicate Don't Baffle Bringingrepparttar 127195 human side to selling high tech products is not easy, but it must enter intorepparttar 127196 equation or else a salesperson’s success is at risk. Communicating with clients, not baffling them, is key to building long-term relationships. Technology is evolving, andrepparttar 127197 customer needs to become aware ofrepparttar 127198 new technology and not be intimidated by it.

Focus on Client Needs I conduct high technology sales training throughoutrepparttar 127199 United States for a variety of clients. For sales professionals inrepparttar 127200 high tech field, I often stressrepparttar 127201 need to shiftrepparttar 127202 focus fromrepparttar 127203 salesperson torepparttar 127204 client. This is difficult, because products are complex, and sales people get caught up inrepparttar 127205 innovation and creativityrepparttar 127206 product may provide rather than focusing onrepparttar 127207 client’s needs. Typically, a salesperson approachesrepparttar 127208 client with a laundry list of questions or a lengthy Powerpoint presentation. Sometimesrepparttar 127209 questions are canned, orrepparttar 127210 presentation is a reflection ofrepparttar 127211 salesperson’s agenda. The questions or presentation are designed to steerrepparttar 127212 conversation towardsrepparttar 127213 highlights ofrepparttar 127214 products for sale orrepparttar 127215 expertise ofrepparttar 127216 salesperson.

Price your eBook to Sell Well

Written by Judy Cullins

Price your eBook to Sell Well Judy Cullins c. 2004 All Rights Reserved.

Q. The big question asked me in teleclasses or client sessions is "How should I price my eBook?

A. The big answer is "it depends."

Here's seven tips to help:

1. Determine your audience's need and demand for your book. If your book solves a particular problem for a preferred audience, it will sell well at any price. When you know your 30-60 second "Tell and Sell," you'll be more likely to know a proper price.

Let's say you have a book "Stop Divorce Now." Your tell and sell includes "Helpsrepparttar nearly divorced audience, both men and women." That audience gives your book a slant, and makes it more valuable. Inrepparttar 127187 "Tell and Sell" you must also includerepparttar 127188 benefits your book brings its audience. The top benefit of this book is that it stops divorce now.

No matterrepparttar 127189 number of pages, anywhere from 15-99, this kind of book will bring a healthy price. Maybe $39.95, maybe more.

2. Sell to your "wants it short, easy, and cheap to yield big profits audience. You can charge more than some general information book aimed at a general audience.

The 8 and 1/2 by 11" forty-page book "Write Your eBook or Other Short Book--Fast!" loaded with how to's and which specific steps to do first, along with hundreds of Web and email resources is well worthrepparttar 127190 list price of $24.95. The author puts it on discount several times a year for only $18.95, but it sells well at $24.95.

If someone wants to write and publish a book, this price tag is small for what it gives andrepparttar 127191 speed one can finish a short book to start making money within 60 days.

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