How to Save Money While at College?

Written by A Khan

Still struggling to pay offrepparttar college loan? Have you disconnected your cell phone just to avoid those darn creditors? Need a quick get rich scheme? Well…maybe not that but in this article you will find some practical ways on saving money while attending your post secondary institution.

Books College book prices have been rising along withrepparttar 138071 cost of tuition, and it is no wonder why so many students have resorted to photocopying their texts. Instead of photocopying why not buy an old edition book, allrepparttar 138072 information that you will need to know is there and you can keep that book as a reference. It’s not likerepparttar 138073 gravitational acceleration of earth is going to change withrepparttar 138074 new edition…right? Too broke to buy book then try to find your books atrepparttar 138075 local library, notrepparttar 138076 school’s library. You will be amazed at how many books you will find atrepparttar 138077 local library, not only is it convenient but is also cheap. True, if you borrow a book for a semester it would cost you a late fee but I mean who cares right, sincerepparttar 138078 $10 late fee charge is nothing when compared to $200 price tag of a new book price. Another upcoming trend in colleges these days isrepparttar 138079 trend for students to rent their books. I guess these students probably wanted to keep their books as reference or may still need them forrepparttar 138080 following year and thought they could make some extra cash by renting them out. If you are thinking about renting then its best to rent to people that you know, and always have a legal signed document. Always try to buy used. Many colleges now have a book buy back program, and these books can be found atrepparttar 138081 college used book room. Also, there are a ton of online book exchange sites onrepparttar 138082 net which are both free and convenient. When to buy used & when to buy new? Good question. My rule is this, if a book is say like 4 years old then its best to buy used. The only time I recommend buying new is ifrepparttar 138083 book is less than 4 years old, since it is more likely to beingrepparttar 138084 latest edition, and you know for sure thatrepparttar 138085 same edition is going to be used next term. This way you can sell your books forrepparttar 138086 maximum profit.

How to Survive First Year Engineering

Written by A Khan

So you just got accepted in your engineering program…joy, but you are still doubtful. You ask yourself, could I actually handlerepparttar stress,repparttar 138028 sleepless nights,repparttar 138029 solitary life style andrepparttar 138030 Exams? Well hopefully after reading this guide you might just be able to do so and perhaps without going insane or bald.

Buy a Calendar Yes I know what you are thinking a calendar but I don’t need a calendar. I was like that too, heck I never used my agenda through out high school, and I managed to reach here right? Wrong! This is not high school and if you miss a due date for a test or exam you can not tell your mommy to write a note. Trust me I tried. Time management skill is vital if not necessary, it helps you plan forrepparttar 138031 endless upcoming due dates of assignments and gives you a better picture of what tests to study for. A common miscomputation is that you can keep up with all your courses every week. This is impossible especially if you want any resemblance of a social life. Firstly forgetrepparttar 138032 time you think you might be able to put aside duringrepparttar 138033 weekday. After a long day of lectures and labs you will be too tired to do anything and its best just to get a good night sleep. So,repparttar 138034 only real time you got to study, play and sleep is duringrepparttar 138035 weekend. Hence, a Calendar will help you in deciding what course to study for, what homework or assignment to do, and if it’s really ok to get wasted that night.

Join a Study Group I can not emphasizerepparttar 138036 importance of study groups, especially in engineering. Study groups are not only for dummies, they also help nerds. Forrepparttar 138037 dummies this isrepparttar 138038 perfect opportunity to understandrepparttar 138039 problem and to get vital input from others and forrepparttar 138040 nerds it gives an opportunity to revise and really understand their stuff. For, there is no better way of studying then teaching others what you know. Apart from helping you passrepparttar 138041 course, study groups also help to socialize us engineers. I mean you could go to library and study all by your self, achieverepparttar 138042 top marks in class and graduate with honors but how effective of an engineer would you be inrepparttar 138043 real world? Inrepparttar 138044 real world you won’t be given a list of problems to be completed in a 2 hour time period, but rather as an engineer you will be expected to work with others and on problems which rarely have fixed or single solutions.

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