How to Rid Yourself of Stress at Work

Written by Lisa van den Berg

HOW TO RID YOURSELF OF STRESS AT WORK. Copyright (c) Lisa van den Berg Full reprint rights. Please keep resource box intact.

Have you seenrepparttar latest statistics on stress? We are now suffering from more Stress related illnesses than ever before and it is taking a huge toll onrepparttar 124007 Economy.

A large percentage ofrepparttar 124008 reasons given for non-attendance of work these days are related to Stress induced disorders, ailments or diseases. There is hope for us all, though.

Withrepparttar 124009 host of techniques available for helping to alleviate your stress levels, you can learn to control, and yes...even learn to relish, a certain level of Stress!

These tools can enable you to actually see what triggers your stress, teach you how to stop yourself from reacting and even learn to reverserepparttar 124010 effects ofrepparttar 124011 stressors that have been affecting your life, for years.

Whenrepparttar 124012 level of stress gets too much, take out your toolbox of strategies for combating stress and see how amazing you feel once you no longer have to be a slave to outside influences.

Some examples include:


We recently went on holiday and our bus driver was a miserable old soul. He hooted at everyone and got all worked up when someone got angry when he tried to cut in (he's a bus after all!). He drove too fast aroundrepparttar 124013 hairpin bends and braked too hard and generally made us glad to be offrepparttar 124014 bus atrepparttar 124015 end ofrepparttar 124016 trip.

The next day we got onto another bus (filled with trepidation, I might add) and were greeted by a huge grin fromrepparttar 124017 bus driver. She seemed to know allrepparttar 124018 other bus and truck drivers onrepparttar 124019 island and waved to them all. When she went around a particularly tight bend onrepparttar 124020 mountain pass, she would hoot ahead to warn other motorists and when we roundedrepparttar 124021 bend,repparttar 124022 other big vehicle drivers would actually have stopped allrepparttar 124023 traffic to let her through! She'd thank them with a big wave and a grin and they'd grin right back. Needless to say, we had an absolute ball on that trip!

911-The Call That Counts

Written by Burt Dubin

"The trouble withrepparttar future is--it isn't what it used to be"

Paul Valery (1871-1945) writes these words. I first hear them from NSA member Robert Mayer Evans in 1984. He repeats this piercing quote several times during his general session speech at my first NSA Convention. I cannot forget them. They sear my heart.

On September 11 2001 your future changes forever. Your future twists into a new and undesired shape. There is fear inrepparttar 124006 hearts of your clients and customers. How secure is their future now. And repparttar 124007 future of their children. This persists intorepparttar 124008 indefinite future.

If you are inrepparttar 124009 United States of America, as about 75% of my readers are, you know you're not protected byrepparttar 124010 Atlantic andrepparttar 124011 Pacific oceans any more. Not now. Not ever again. You know that perverted and malicious villains, our mortal enemies who gleefully shatter our innocence and destroy lives and futures, are among us now.

They do not share our values and principles. They are jealous of our freedoms. They would destroy Western culture as we know and cherish it. The targeted symbols inrepparttar 124012 USA are justrepparttar 124013 start of their inhumane, cruel, and vicious intentions.

The curtain is rising on this very bad play. The overture is playing. There are several acts to follow. Treachery and much flowing blood, mostly ours, wait inrepparttar 124014 wings.

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