How to Retain Your Customers the Dish Network Way

Written by Kaitlin Carruth

Customer retention is vital to a business. If you cannot retain your customers you will be continually losing current customers and always onrepparttar search for new ones. This can be very expensive. Retaining current customers means continual sales which is essential to keep your business afloat. Here are some keys to keeping your customers that can be learned from looking atrepparttar 145453 Dish Network business model.

Have a Product or Service that Appeals to your Customer. This may seem like common sense but it is important to have a quality product or service. If it lacks quality or proves to be useless torepparttar 145454 customer, they will not be returning to your business anytime soon. Make sure that it is something that your target customer needs and not just something you think they might need. Do your market research. You need to be solving a problem for your customer with your product or service.

Dish Network keeps their customers by giving them something that will changerepparttar 145455 way they watch television forever. After you have experienced satellite TV, it is hard to go back torepparttar 145456 way things use to be. Dish Network sells a product and service that satisfies a customer need and keeps them coming back for more.

Continue to Improve Your Product or Service. Never be satisfied with where you stand with your product or service. The market is always changing and active andrepparttar 145457 needs of a customer are always shifting. Once again, do your research. See who your competitors are and what they are offering. Are there any substitute products that would be more appealing torepparttar 145458 customer? Keep up with what is going on inrepparttar 145459 market.

Dish Network is always changing channel packages and technology to appeal to their customers. Not too long ago Dish Network added Bridges TV to their Dish Network package. Bridges TV isrepparttar 145460 American Muslim lifestyle Network. Bridges TV will accommodate torepparttar 145461 needs of a seven million and growing American Muslim population. Besidesrepparttar 145462 recent adding of Bridges TV, Dish Network has recently added several original Voom channels to their programming, giving Dish Networkrepparttar 145463 best HD channel package inrepparttar 145464 nation. Along with this, DISH Network has announced that they will be adding Home Plug 1.0 technology so that one connection can serve multiple receivers. This new technology will also allow satellite radio to be used throughout a house. Dish Network always remains on top of what is happening inrepparttar 145465 market.

Top Ten Tips About People Management

Written by Martin Haworth

People management skills are vital for managers - it may sound simple, yet some managers find it so challenging. But there are just a few simple ideas that you can start to incorporate.

To getrepparttar best results you have to be very good at Managing People...and it's not as hard as you might think.

Here arerepparttar 145452 secrets ofrepparttar 145453 very best managers:-

The best at Managing People...

  1. Manage!

    They focus on getting their people to deliverrepparttar 145454 key activities and don't attempt do too much themselves. The best managers delegate widely, usingrepparttar 145455 ethic 'Ask for forgiveness, not for permission' to free their people from blame or wrongdoing.

  2. Buildrepparttar 145456 Best Teams

    Leveragingrepparttar 145457 exceptional talents of allrepparttar 145458 people around them, managers develop and utilise capability fully - and glue it together.

  3. Focus on Delivery

    Managers are there to deliverrepparttar 145459 day to day tactical resultsrepparttar 145460 business or organisation needs. Here, there is little space for strategy or vision as such, but those great at Managing People will keep a reference point there. Every manager's defined goal is measurable results.

  4. Build Relationships

    As it's all about people, great managers build relationships easily and make it a priority, day-in-day out. They spend a lot of time with and listening to, their people.

  5. Accept Feedback

    Actually, they don't just accept it, they suck feedback in - they use their excellent listening skills to seek out feedback allrepparttar 145461 time - in every interaction.

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