How to Remove DRM from WMA - It May be Worth the Effort

Written by W R Kirk

Technically, it's illegal to remove DRM from WMA protected music. Digital Rights Management (DRM) is part ofrepparttar music industry's effort to curb piracy. There are legitimate reasons for removing it, but first understand DRM can not be removed from file sharing network downloads. Most tracks can be legally copied 3 to 5 times, and this has been exceeded long before they appear on a peer-to-peer network. You must have either purchasedrepparttar 149595 music or have unrestricted free music downloads.

There is no easy way to remove DRM, but it can be removed with some effort and know-how. The best advice is to only download music inrepparttar 149596 format you need, and that you haverepparttar 149597 right to copy to an mp3 player, CD or other device. It's also important to determine thatrepparttar 149598 player will recognize and playrepparttar 149599 DRM protected WMA track.

What if I Really Likerepparttar 149600 songs and Want to convert them?

Let's say you've already downloaded music and need to convert to another audio codec. The common conversion method is to burnrepparttar 149601 tracks on a CD, then rip them inrepparttar 149602 desired codec's format. Even this requires special ripping software and numerous steps becauserepparttar 149603 DRM is still embedded inrepparttar 149604 tracks. And because codecs like WMA, mp3, OGG, AAC, etc. are lossy formats,repparttar 149605 sound quality will be degraded.

Your Favorite Music Wherever You Go - MP3 Portable Players Maximize Listening Pleasure with Unparalleled Convenience

Written by W R Kirk

Love music? Now take your favorite songs anywhere with one ofrepparttar hot new mp3 portable players onrepparttar 149594 market. Some are as tiny as a pendant. And fromrepparttar 149595 deepest lows to sharpest highs,repparttar 149596 digital sound is fantastic!

Made by Apple, iPod is synonymous with portable mp3 players. The popular iPod Shuffle is aboutrepparttar 149597 size of a pack of gum. The Dell Jukebox and portable players from Creative Labs, Archos, iRiver, Rio, Sony, Samsung, iRock, and many more have an incredible array of features.

Easy-to-use software lets you rip tunes from your CD collection in mp3 format and load hundreds or even thousands of songs in your player. Some players can even burn tunes directly from a built-in FM tuner, a CD player, or other source.

MP3 Revolutionizes Music Enjoyment

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