How to Recognize Great Ads (that Are Generating Leads!)

Written by Daryl Logullo | Strategic Impact!

Sorry to tell you, but people really donít give a flying fling about you, your business or how great your product is. The want to know what benefit, advantage or personal improvement you offer that somebody else doesnít.

What do I mean? WellÖ how are you going to make peopleís lives easier? Are you going to make them richer? Prettier? Slimmer? How are you going to improve their lives?

I try to get my clients to understand this: advertising is salesmanship en masse. Plain and simple. Itís either salesmanship in print, salesmanship onrepparttar air, or salesmanship inrepparttar 105936 mail. But itís not blind statements that say nothing, or cause no one to take action. Is it any reason why most advertising is lousy and doesnít work?

Unfortunately, few business owners donít understandrepparttar 105937 point of running an ad. You run an ad to stimulate a direct and immediate response. Or better yet promote an instant sale. Until a company understandsrepparttar 105938 purpose of an ad and how to formulate them, I tell clients to hold off and stop throwing their money away. Let me summarize where to begin:


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